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Sonder Game Download for PC – Windows 10/8/7

People who love science fiction games can go for Sonder, as they will like the adventure, which they will face in different levels of the game. First, a player has to perform time analysis in order to see the mistakes that have been committed again and again. The player will also have the option of controlling the character at any point of time. That character can then be guided so that he can achieve salvation. If the player makes wrong choices then the character can end up in doom.

The player has the option of replaying and rewinding the game but in such a case, the character will forget everything that he has learned in the levels. The player has to teach everything again to the character. There are many features in the game, which are as follows.

  • A player has the option of controlling any character of his choice.
  • There are dialogue interactions in the game.
  • The spaceship of the game can be operated easily.
  • The game can be rewind any time but the character forgets everything and the player has to teach him all the things again.

The player will have different experiences, which will be based on the type of character he chooses.

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