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Sacrifices Must Be Made Game Download for Pc – Windows 10/8/7


Sacrifices Must Be Made is a creepy card game where you have to take the character of the starving man who is being offered food by a stranger that he found in the woods. However, you need to first win the cards game to get the food that was promised.

In this narrative-driven card game, you need to make sacrifices in order to win. In Sacrifices Must Be Made, you will need to sacrifice your weaker cards (cards which have no limited attack value like rabbits, stoats, etc.) so that you can use your stronger cards (like wolves, bears, etc.). In each round, you need to defeat your opponent by using the attacks smartly. The rules of the game are quite simple and easy to learn. But you need to make a good strategy to win which might often require a greater sacrifice from your end.

The main card game rules and mechanics used in this game are quite well-designed and it is quite interesting to figure out the best card order to win the game. Plus, the ghastly atmosphere and tone of the game lend it a special feel, making the game creepier yet addictive. And through the entire game, you never see the face of your opponent but you already know that he doesn’t want you to win and you will have to be smart if you wish to earn the food that was promised to you.


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