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Megaman: Rock N Roll Game Download for Pc – Windows 10/8/7

Megaman: Rock N Roll is a great fan-made recreation of the classic game, Megaman which has similar looks and gameplay but has a few new features as well.

This game was created by Dennis Eglehard as a close SNES lookalike game while the gameplay is as exciting and challenging as the Nintendo’s classic Megaman-style games. Megaman: Rock N Roll game is a complete Megaman adventure where you can watch Megaman and Roll (his little sister) saving the world from a supervillain who is trying to capture and control all the robots around the world.

Similar to the traditional games, there are 8 bosses to choose from on the level selection screen and each of these bosses has their own challenging level. At the start of each level, you can choose to play either the role of Megaman or his sister, Roll. Although Roll’s actions are quite similar to Megaman, she doesn’t have the feature of doing charge shots but she has the capability to do a double jump. This can make the game slightly easier to play but the challenges still remain hard throughout the game.

All the levels are brilliantly designed and there are enemies throughout the game which you can shoot and kill. You will also come across a few special collectibles that you can grab and you end up unlocking four allies to help you when you progress through the game.

Megaman: Rock N Roll is definitely one of the best fan games and offers a chance to you to enjoy the classic Megaman game in all its glory!

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