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Leatherface Game Download for PC – Windows 10/8/7

Just when you thought that every gaming industry has its own unique game, Leatherface, a video game based on the most infamous serial killer in the history of American crime fiction has come into being. This is truly a remarkable game that takes all the most famous traits of both entertainment and horror to create an original horror game. The game is based on the lurid book written by Stephen King and can be found online in almost all gaming sites. The game has gone through some changes and has now been updated and is worth taking a look at.

Leatherface Game Download

The game is presented in two forms – a full length movie and a downloadable game. Both the movies and the games provide some level of the actual story of the book. Both provide some additions or add-ons for the game, such as blood and gore, gruesome deaths and more gore. With this in mind, it is a good idea to consider this version before going straight to the online version.

In the full-length movie, the player assumes the role of Leatherface, played by a huge Sam Raimi. He is called by his wife and kids to visit their friend Billy, played by Logan Marshall-Green. As they get ready to go to his house, Leatherface receives a disturbing message from his dead brother; a man who haunts him with his voice. The game then proceeds as one would expect; Leatherface gets locked up in a cellar and is constantly haunted by unseen creatures.

The full movie is a little less brutal than the game. You see, the characters do not get hurt by anything beyond the occasional knife slash. However, the video game makes up for this lack of violence by adding a greater variety of enemies, more secrets and some other minor things to improve the overall package. Overall, this makes both versions of the game superior to the actual novel.

So, how does the game look? It is set in a small Louisiana town and is a small game. Its length is only about 40 minutes long. There are two versions of the game; a full length movie and a downloadable version. In the movie, the player assumes the role of the serial killer and goes around and kills different characters in the town.

The downloadable version of the game also allows the player to save his progress to the main file which is stored on the game disc. Since the entire game is already on the disc, it is very easy to load the game without having to keep the disc in the drive. There is no added animation or sound effects, but a great deal of the story line is carried over to the game.

The online edition has some additional features, such as online chat, forums and stats. The best part is that the game is very difficult and any wrong moves can result in death.

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