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Justice League United Game Download for Pc – Windows 10/8/7


Justice League United is a fantastic old school, beat them up arcade game where DC superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and others fight the most gruesome villains of DC franchise.

This side-scrolling arcade game is a fan-made project which was built using the OpenBOR engine and includes fun shooting and beating arcade action in the game. And the best part about this game is that you can play together with others as teammates with 7 different players in 7 different stages and beat up a lot of supervillains together.

The gameplay of Justice League United is a blend of three unique game mode styles. There is a 2D side scroll beating action which is similar to Batman, Robocop, etc. arcade games. There is also 2.5D beating action which is similar to the Streets of Rage game. And finally, there are side-scrolling shooting sections that include vehicles. So, overall, the gameplay is quite interesting and will not become boring after some time.

You can choose to take the role of any of the seven characters which include Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg. Since Flash has speed, his character is quite fun to play but each of the other superhero have their own strengths and a special set of moves that you might want to try.

Justice League United is a tough game as it has some challenging boss fights and only a limited number of lives so you will need to be smart to make it to the end. Overall, this game is highly polished which is full of quality characters, interesting gameplay, and old school arcade action. So, if you love superpower games then you should definitely download Justice League United.


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