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Infernal Night – Download Game for PC Windows 10/8/7

There are many types of horror games, which people can either play online or can download and play. One such game is infernal night, which can be easily downloaded and installed. People who love horror movies and serials will love to play the game. Some people may get frightened while others will enjoy. The music and sound of the game is also frightening.

Infernal Night is a horror game in which the player has to meet a truck driver who is mentally ill. The truck driver drives the truck at a gas station. In the game, the player has to act as Arthur who is an employee and works in night shift at the gas station. The player has to do all his duties during the night. There are few customers whim the player has to visit. One of the customers is a masked one and his main aim is to get blood for quenching his thirst.

Some people love to play the game in the dark, as there is more enjoyment than playing it in light. People who are afraid of darkness can play the game in light. It is a very interesting game and people will love it.

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