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Bowsette in Mario 64 Game Download for Pc – Windows 10/8/7

Another brilliant creating by seasoned modder Kaze Emanuar, Bowsette is an N64 ROM mod in which Mario character is replaced by Bowsette in the Mario 64 setting. Although the setting and features are the same as Mario 64, the character of Bowsette has fire breathing abilities along with big boobs and wears a kinky black dress.

This game allows the fans to live out the dream of playing Bowsette in a Nintendo game. Although due to the limited availability of polygons, Bowsette looks a bit odd with her bow legs that are bent in the Waluigi-style stance. Although it is a strange mod, it is quite fun as well, especially Bowsette’s fire breathing ability which can kill non-players like toads and some surrounding objects like trees as well.

Bowsette isn’t the most polished or unique mod made of a Nintendo game but it is quite fun as you get to play Bowsette in a sophisticated Nintendo game!


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