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Blast Tournament Game Download for PC – Windows 10/8/7

Blast Tournament is a game that people play with their friends or they can play alone. The game has to be played at a fast speed. I order to cross the levels. A Single player can enjoy the adventure alone and if he wants to play in a team, he has to choose friends online.

Blast Tournament Download for PC

There are many game modes for multiple payers, which are as follows:

Free for All

In this mode, each member of the team comes with single life and the aim of the mode is to check that which player will stand till last.

Team Deathmatch

In this mode, a team has to eliminate the other team to win the game.

Bomb Blast and Team Bomb Blast

In this mode, number of tiles is checked and the player having more tiles wins the game.

Treasure and Team Treasure

In order to win the game in this mode, the player has to collect maximum number of coins.

King Mode

This mode has to be played by a team in which the king has to be protected.

FFA Respawn

In this mode, there is no restriction to the number of lives as it is unlimited. The players have to kill the enemies to win the game.

There are many other modes, which players can play and enjoy.


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