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A Good Wife Game Download for PC – Windows 10/8/7

A Good Wife is a simple game and is a precursor to the game A Good Husband. In this game, you have to play the character of a downtrodden wife who needs to complete all the tasks inside the house to keep her unpleasant husband happy.

You can choose to be a good wife or a bad wife but whatever you choose, the ending will differ depending on your decision. In this game, you need to roam around the house, completing various tasks that are assigned to you. These tasks include things like cooking dinner, washing the dishes, getting beer for your husband, and even kissing him to earn some love and points in the game.

If you collect enough points through the game, you are awarded a special favor that you can ask for in the bedroom. But if you turn out to be a bad wife then the game ending will be quite unexpected for you!

A Good Wife Game Download

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