TomatoHead Skin 

TomatoHead Skin  1

For players who like to get things a little bit saucy in Battle Royale, they can use the Tomatohead skin. It wouldn’t be bad to see a pizza on a costume and see a Special Delivery feature.

You would love to see the other features of this costume that offers you satisfaction in during the Battle Royale game. You would also be amazed at the things the features can provide.


A tomato or pizza-themed outfit might be the ideal skin you need. Well, the colors perfectly describe the Tomatohead skin. The tomato mask and the orange vest are a perfect blend to make the outfit excellent.

You might even feel hungry due to the piece of Hawaiian pizza on the avatar’s chest. The stylish suit captivates not only those who love pizza but also those avid Battle Royal gamers.


Does the transformation of the player’s appearance result to functions and benefits?

No, it doesn’t, but you’re sure of satisfaction when it comes to the features of the skin. You use this epic outfit to assure enjoyable gameplay in Battle Royale.


Get ready to be surprised by the green suit of the Tomatohead skin. That’s only a small part that causes you to surprise. You wait and become amazed at the orange vest outfit you see on the skin.

On the chest, you would able to see a Hawaiian pizza slice. Also, there’s an addition of a back bling that’s called Special Delivery.

Don’t forget: there are updates of the skin where you can see features such as utensils crown and a tattered suit.


If you’re fascinated with the design, you would love the set of this skin. The Tomatohead skin has a Pizza Pit Set that offers you fantastic items that include the back bling – special delivery!

Few of the included items are the axons and Tomatohead.  The set is sure to offer a sure treat for the players of Battle Royale due to the excellent gameplay it offers.

TomatoHead Skin  2

Spider Knight

TomatoHead Skin  3

The Axeroni

TomatoHead Skin  4

Tomato Head

How to Get It

You can visit Item Shop and buy the Tomatohead skin. Here, you also have an excellent buying process that lets you enjoy Battle Royale. Your money is worth it so buy it now and experience satisfaction.

Let your Battle Royale experience become successful as you have the Tomatohead skin in your gameplay.

Come and become one of the best players in Battle Royale. You can do it by using excellent skins or suits. Let the game turn towards your favor and expect wins!


TomatoHead Skin  5
TomatoHead Skin  6
TomatoHead Skin  7
TomatoHead Skin  8

In Action…..

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