Straw Ops Skin

Straw Ops Skin in Fortnite

Are you ready to gain an awesome skin that enables you to get an awesome avatar? The wait is over if you have the Straw Ops Skin! Players who use this skin would love its features and sets that enable you to achieve excellent gameplay.

Here’s the chance for you to achieve excellent and wonderful gameplay in Battle Royale! Take a look at this skin, and you would be amazed to see good results.


Players would be delighted with the awesome appearance of the skin that predicts harvest time is near. The Straw Ops Skin is the female epic skin of the Hay Man skin.

You can see an avatar that has a green hair and scarecrow mask. Take the chances of buying it, and an awesome result is yours at all times.


Does this skin offer functions and benefits to players? Sorry, it doesn’t have benefits or terrific functions to give. But – you still might want to look at it due to the sets and features it offers you.

You can find this skin in the Fortnite Battle Royale. For sure, the result it offers you are amazing so watch out for it after you make a purchase.


With the Straw Ops Skin, you see a strawman who wears a scarecrow mask. Get ready to see some stitches, orange eyes, leafy hair.

You can see sunflower and leaf-like outfit. Players can also have additional black bling that offers the Birdhovel.  Prepare to see a blackbird that ’s inside the birdhouse.


Be amazed to see the Straw Stuffed set that also offers you the bonus Birdhovel. Players also have cosmetics such as Harvester, Straw Ops, Field Wraith and more.

Players can feel awesome satisfaction and excitement in having these items from the set.

Bird Hovel in Fortnite




Fortnite HayNest


Field Wraith

Field Wrait

How to Get It

Are you excited to use the skin? Then, you can buy the skin from the Item Shop. It doesn’t offer functions and benefits to the player but it still worth your money. The sets and features make it worth the purchase. With an easy buying option, you’re sure to enjoy its features.

Some come now and turn the Battle Royale game on your favor! The Straw Ops Skin gives you a chance to do it due to the features it offers players.

Let the Battle Royale begin! You can use this skin and achieve an awesome gaming experience. Who knows, you might even like the future offers it can give you


Straw Ops Skin 1
Straw Ops Skin 2
Straw Ops Skin 3
Straw Ops Skin 4

In Action…..

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