Skull Ranger Skin

How to get the Skull Ranger Skin

The Halloween holidays are terrifying and thrilling if you have a female soldier dressed in a skeleton outfit. Well, even if it’s not Halloween you can still embrace the spooky stuff with the Skull Ranger Skin.

You can use this skin and be one of the scary players on the battlefield. Skull Ranger gives you an awesome look in military style.

Feel the thrill in embracing the Halloween fever every time you use this skin. Do you want to more exciting stuff about this skin? Read this article today and find out other exciting info about Skull Ranger.


The Halloween feeling is not over as long as you have Skull Ranger as your skin. Skull Ranger not only depicts a scary presence but also a chance for you to have a great Battle Royale experience.

The style and look of Skull Ranger make it an excellent skin. So, if you’re ready for great fun, this skin takes you to the high level of Battle Royale experience.


Are you game to see unlockable designs? The Skull Ranger Skin offers amazing designs for you. One cool thing about it – you’re able to use in the Battle Royale game.

The Skull Ranger is the female version of Skull Trooper skin. Remember:  you can’t unlock the challenges of Skull Trooper using Skull Ranger.


The Skull Ranger costume is awesome looking due to the design it offers. Here, you can see features such as a soldier who wears a skeleton costume.

Also, you can a painted skin that has painted skull face. It’s perfect for players who love Halloween themed skins


The Skull Ranger is a rare outfit that’s under the Skull Squad Set. Feel the thrill of the Halloween season with this skin.

You level up your Battle Royale gaming experience with the items such as Crypt Cruiser, Skull Sickle and more. The set offers you an awesome gaming experience you would be thrilled to feel.

Skull Ranger Skin 1

Ghost Portal

Skull Ranger Skin 2

Skull Sickle

Skull Ranger Skin 3

Skull Tropper

Skull Ranger Skin 4

Crypt Cruiser

How to Get It

Do you want an easy purchase of the outfit? You buy it on Cash Shop, and you feel satisfaction in using your money. Players can achieve an excellent gaming experience with the Skull Ranger Skin. So, it’s best to buy it now!

The Skull Ranger Skin has awesome surprises to players to make it part of your Battle Royale game. You might even have exciting gaming results you would want to achieve.

Take the opportunity now and become a survival in the game. You would be delighted with the results the skin offers you!


Skull Ranger Skin 5
Skull Ranger Skin 6
Skull Ranger Skin 7
Skull Ranger Skin 8

In Action…..

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