Scourge Skin

Scourage Skin in Fortnite

Fans and Battle Royale players would be happy to have the Scourge Skin due to its amazing avatar. Any player would love the avatar of this skin, so it’s worth to buy it.

You would have an excellent Battle Royale experience due to the design and sets it offers. There’s no turning back from the game due to the attractive skin you get the best results from the game that you would love.

If you’re familiar with the Scourge Skin, then make a move and buy it today! Who knows, you might have excellent chances of winning the game. Feel the thrill and excitement in having this skin.


Don’t think that hooded figures aren’t mysterious in Battle Royale. Yes, it gets even better than the previous skins you have. Why? The Scourge Skin takes you and other players to a visual treat due to its avatar.

We’re talking epic gear here that you would be happy to have. The skin gives you the thrill and satisfaction in wearing it due to its awesome look.

Here’s a chance for you to show the mysterious part in you if you have a hood. You love the challenge of the game by having this skin.


Scourge transforms a player’s avatar but doesn’t give additional benefits and functions. You can see in the Battle Royale version Fortnite. If you’re familiar with the Plague Skin, Scourge is the female version of that skin.

It’s an awesome skin if you consider the avatar it changes. Female players might even find this skin lovely and mysterious.


The Scourge’s design shows a female who wears a black hood and long coat.

You can see the narrow hood covering the woman’s face that’s covered by a doctor’s mask. You see gloves, leather bracers, boot, and an hourglass necklace.


You would be amazed at this epic costume that’s part of the Grim Medicine Set.

You can use fantastic items within the set such as the lamplight, Harold’s Wand, Dismal Cape and more.  It’s amazing set if you consider the look of the items.

Scourge Skin 1
Scourge Skin 2

Herald’s Wand

Scourge Skin 3

Lamplight Glider

Scourge Skin 4

Dismal Cape

How to Get It

It’s very simple – you can buy it in Cash Shop. Players have the assurance to aim for a great gaming experience they live to have.

So, are you ready to play Battle Royale once more? You give Scourge Skin a try, and you would be happy with the result.

Here’s the chance for you to achieve an awesome gameplay experience so take it!


Scourge Skin 5
Scourge Skin 6
Scourge Skin 7
Scourge Skin 8

In Action…..

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