Peekaboo Skin

Clown Skin in Fortnite

Players of Battle Royal would be amazed to see the female version of the Nite Nite costume. Get ready to meet a scary clown who wears a colored suit.

Similar to its male counterpart, you can also see body paints and wacky decals.  If you think female clowns aren’t scary, then you think again.

The Peekaboo Skin would surely surprise you not only because it’s scary, but it’s also colorful.


The Peekaboo Skin might be a woman who has clown face paint or an avatar that has a big smile. The face paint and the clown mask make it look scary but superb as well.

How come? You have access to its great features and its set. These enable you to enjoy playing Battle Royale.

Also, any player might want a scary clown on the battlefield.  The Peekaboo Skin is perfect for your gaming standards due to its outfit.


One of the excellent female costumes you can find in the Battle Royale is the Peekaboo Skin.

Online gamers are assured to enjoy the unlockable features it has for you. Each feature is a sure treat you would love to use in the game due to the great result it offers.


Same with the Nite Nite skin, the Peekaboo costume has a colored suit that’s colored orange and lime green.  You can see you expect to see a scary clown that’s either a redhead woman or an avatar.

The scary female clown has a wacky wig, and the avatar holds a big smile.

For gamers, the design is scary enough even with the colorful concept. Thus, it’s a great idea to include this skin every time you play Battle Royale.


The epic Peekaboo skin is under the Party Parade Set. When you buy the outfit, you would eventually gain the Battle Bus bling. Also, you wouldn’t miss the five items that are part of the set.

Some of the great items you can access are the Nite Nite, Balloon Llama, Peekaboo, etc. You experience an enjoyable time when you have these features.

Peekaboo Skin 1

Balloon Llama

Peekaboo Skin 2

Battle Balloon

Peekaboo Skin 3

Balloon Axe

How to Get It

Don’t worry about the purchase process because you can get the skin at Cash Shop. You wouldn’t go wrong with the price that makes the Peekaboo skin an excellent purchase.

Are you excited to use the Peekaboo skin? Then, you buy it and experience an enjoyable Battle Royale gameplay.

The satisfaction is yours when you buy the Peekaboo outfit. Come and see the great things it can offer you!


Peekaboo Skin 4
Peekaboo Skin 5
Peekaboo Skin 6

In Action…..

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