Patch Patroller Skin

Patch Patroller in Fortnite

There are lots of online games available. Each has its, characters as well as features.

But, one of the most preferred and played game is Fornite. To become successful in playing this game, you need to have a skin.

There are lots of Fornite skins to select from including Patroller. Want to know more about Patroller and why it is popular? Then keep on reading.


The wait for the best Battle Royal skin is over.  Patroller is one of the best Halloween themed skin available.

This unique Fortnite Battle Royale kind will enhance your gaming experience to a higher level. However, getting one will not be easy.

A sure victory boosts your chance to give this skin a try. And it is something which will go beyond your imagination as a Battle Royal player. Patroller is a self-appointed grain guardian of the gourd.


The Patch Patroller is amongst the coolest Halloween themed you can try.

His style is cool with his orange suit and cap with pumpkin design; it will surely put your game to a higher level.


This skin comes with a masked vigilante wearing an orange and black suit.

One thing which makes this skin apart from other soldier themed skin is the small patches of pumpkin which is attached to his hat and the vines which go around his body.

It’s said that the Patch Patroller is a self-appointed guardian of the gourd.


Patch Patroller is an outlandish costume which is part of the Pumpkin Patch set and doesn’t come with bonus back bling.

Mouldring Cloak

Mouldering Cloak

Carver Fortnite


How to Get It

Patch Patroller is a part of the Pumpkin Patch set that is unique in style by has a fantastic aura. How to get this Battle Royale skin?

It is simple. You can buy it easily and fast from Cash Shop. You can obtain this exceptional skin for a fraction of cost. Buying skin from Cash Shop is an excellent way to save a considerable amount of money.

So, there’s no need to wait. Consider Patch Patroller now as it is an excellent addition to your Fortnite Battle Royale experience.

Some find it not useful in the success of playing this online game, but its style and features are a must-have for each Fortnite play.

So, what are you waiting for? Take some action now and feel the experience of having an exceptional skin in your arsenal.


Patch Patroller Skin 1
Patch Patroller Skin 2
Patch Patroller Skin 3
Patch Patroller Skin 4

In Action…..

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