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Clown Skin in Fortnite

Let’s face it that not all clowns are funny. Sometimes, the clown you see in children’s parties might not be funny at all particularly if you’re seeing Nite Nite skin.

Are you prepared to see a scary clown in bed? If you do, you might not sleep at all.  The Nite Nite skin offers a scary clown approach that you would love to see.


Battle Royal players would be surprised to see this skin. The scary clown outfit makes the Battle Royal game extra scary. But, you would enjoy the gaming experience you would have due to this skin.

If you like to have excellent gameplay, the Nite Nite is perfect for you. The costume is an excellent reason for you to buy it.


Are you looking for unlockable features in this skin? Don’t worry because you would have the lockable features that ensure you great gameplay.

You expect to use and find this skin in any Battle Royale game you play.

You can also expect excellent gaming results in using the skin. So, if you’re looking for great fun and excitement, you would see it on Nite Nite skin.


You’ll be surprised to see a scary clown in a suit. You can see long balloons included in the clown’s costume. If that’s a surprise for you, then wait till you see the body paints and wacky decals on the clown’s outfit.

You can see a man who has face paint or an avatar that wears a scary clown mask. Players are assured that the scary clown can bring delight to the game. Few of the great reasons for your delight are the clown’s outfit.


The Nite Nite skin is under the Party Parade Set where you can see other fantastic items.  Also, you would be grateful for using Balloon Llama.

Few of the excellent items you can use are the Peekaboo, Battle Balloon and more.  Online gamers who have this set would be amazed at the excellent gaming experience it offers them.

Nite Nite Skin 1

Balloon Llama

Nite Nite Skin 2

Battle Balloon

Nite Nite Skin 3

Balloon Axe

How to Get It

You can buy the Nite Nite skin in the Cash Shop that gives you a chance to have satisfaction in using it. You have good reason to use your money by buying this skin.

So, take a chance today and use Nite Nite skin in the Battle Royale game. You level up in the game and have a great time playing it. You try the Nite Nite skin today and see the big difference it can make in your gameplay.


Nite Nite Skin 4
Nite Nite Skin 5
Nite Nite Skin 6
Nite Nite Skin 7

In Action…..

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