Ludwig Skin

Ludwig Skin in Fortnite

Online gamers who love Swish outfit could take a look and buy Ludwig Skin. You can see a Scottish taste in this skin that enables you to enjoy the game.

Players wouldn’t also be amazed by its appearance but also with the set and feature it offers.

Chances are you would enjoy the Battle Royale game when you have this skin on the battlefield.

Take chances now to have Ludwig Skin in the game, and you would have a great gaming experience.


Who doesn’t want a skin that has a black hat and a fancy beard? Of course, it would be a different taste for gamers who want a unique skin.

Expect quality Battle Royale gaming experience with this awesome skin. You would enjoy the outfit and also the features it has. It’s perfect even if you’re not yet a pro in Battle Royale.


One of the Battle Royale skins in the game is the Ludwig skin. If you’re familiar with the Heidi skin, Ludwig is the male version of it.  Ludwig was released last September 2018 as preparation for the Octoberfest.

You can see the skin can change the player’s appearance, but it doesn’t provide any other benefits or functions. But still – you can expect awesome things due to its set and features.


Ludwig is the male counterpart of the Heidi skin, but Ludwig has a unique appearance. You can see a gray vest together with brown pants.

The Swish clothing is one of the highlights of the costume. What distinct Scottish features you can see?

Of course, you have a fancy beard and a black hat. You can also expect to see Clockworks as the back bling of this skin.


You expect to see Ludwig Skin under the Octoberfest set.  Online gamers can also get the back bling that’s the Clockworks.

You select from the superb items that are under this set such as Pretzel Protector, Octoberfeast and more.

Gamers would be amazed by the sets, so it’s worthy to buy it and use it in Battle Royale.

Ludwig Skin 1
Ludwig Skin 2

Herald’s Wand

Ludwig Skin 3

Lamplight Glider

Ludwig Skin 4

Dismal Cape

How to Get It

Players can find and buy the Ludwig Skin from cash shop so don’t worry! You have reliable buying options that meet your needs.

Hence, give yourself a different Battle Royale experience with Ludwig skin. It might not have benefits for the players, but it sure is worth to have.

Why? You have excellent reasons to enjoy the game. Also, chances of comfortably playing Battle Royale would be yours with Ludwig skin.


Ludwig Skin 5
Ludwig Skin 6
Ludwig Skin 7
Ludwig Skin 8

In Action…..

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