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With a lot of innovations in online gaming, of course, you’ve heard about Fortnite Brainiac Skin. But what is it really about? Good question! Keep reading to know everything about the newest feature. Take a close look at the following:


The long wait is over! Fortnite enthusiasts can bring their experience up to maximum level with this Brainiac skin. But getting one won’t be easy. A sure victory increases your chance to give it a try. And it’s something that will go beyond your imagination as an online player.


Perhaps, many gamers of the Battle Royale version are surprised with this uncommon male avatar skin. Well, no one can blame you with that. In fact, it has been creating a buzz all over the internet. With its new and unique feature, it’s no wonder why users of all ages feel that way. However, don’t be disappointed because it does not offer any in-game benefits or effects.


Yes, the Brainiac does not offer gameplay benefits. But its design is something to be proud of. It features a white-haired soldier with brown and mutated skin. It wears a dark red bandana and a dark brown army vest, which is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Compared to the regular skin, the Brainiac features an avatar with a bigger nose. And it’s very funny to look at it. It was released just before the Halloween. It’s new and most online gamers can’t wait but to try it.

The entire outfit shows some patched and tattered clothes that consist of a dark color layout. It appears like a zombie, which can be terrifying for some. But it really adds something to the intensity and aesthetic appeal.


Does it come with a set? Does it have any bonus back bling? Well, it doesn’t have all those additional features. This uncommon costume is not part of a set or bonus back bling.

How To Get It?

It’s simple! You can purchase it from Cash Shop with the peace of mind. It’s available at a reasonable rate that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. It’s money-saving.

So, what are you waiting for such a great addition to your Battle Royale experience? Though it does not play a vital role in the success of your online gaming experience, its design makes it a must-have feature for every Fortnite gamer. Take action today and see how it feels to have such an uncommon innovation.


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