Zeko Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Born on April 21, 1999, Federico Cristalino popularly known as “Zeko” is a famous Twitch streamer and YouTuber. As a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player, he has some great settings and key binds. With his tips on sensitivity and key binds, he could definitely help you to level up your game.

Zeko is from Buenos Aires, Argentine and is famous for having accolades in different combat games such as League of Legends. As a mid layer, his notable achievements are AORUS League 2018 – Cono Sur T3 and Argentine Championship Series 2015.

Zeko Fortnite settings will enable you to adjust visuals and graphical quality to prioritize controls sensitivity for a smoother performance according to your preferences.

For a highly competitive first-person shooting game such as Fortnite Battle Royale, performance is king. Even if the game is highly optimized, there are several settings widely recommended to be turned off to give you benefits in terms

Key Binding

Key binding is basically setting up the user interface to make it execute skills as you press certain keys in your keyboard. It means when you bind the keys to skills.

If a highly competitive game such as Fortnite where speed and accuracy are must, binding skills to your keyboard keys can greatly enhance your performance and gameplay. You can find key binding in the second tab page of dialogue preferences.

Fortnite Settings

Optimizing Fortnite settings for improved performance is not for everyone as each player may have different hardware set up. Effects and textures can be enhanced if you have a computer that is beefier. Motion Blur and Shadows are widely recommended to be turned off regardless of your hardware set up.

If you are not sure, it’s best if you turn everything to lowest or up to the max and turn on Show FPS and adjust the individual settings based on your preference. This way, you’ll be able to get the best balance of performance and visuals. Here are further details of every setting.

  • Window Mode – This will allow you to easily interact with another window, which is useful in minimizing the game to check other tasks you have.
  • Display Resolution – The lower the resolution, the better the performance. But if you have a computer with high visual specs, you can balance resolution and performance ratio.
  • Quality – The best faster way to set up everything below settings all at once.
  • View Distance – The higher the view distance, the more things you can see in the game. But, turning off this setting can give you a performance, however, doing it is not recommended for everyone, only for slower computers. In first-person shooting games, visual is king, so it’s recommended that you set up this setting as high as possible.
  • Shadows – This visual benefit will allow the player to have better depth perception while playing the game. Unless you have high graphics cards, turning this off is recommended for better performance.

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