TimtheTatman Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Famous Fortnite battle Royale player Timothy John “TimtheTatman” Betar was born in the United States of America on April 8, 1990.

He is also one of the most popular Twitch.tv streamers of today’s generation. This article is written to give you details of TimtheTatman Fornite settings and keybinds as well as his PC gaming setup.

Fornite Video Settings Input

Window Mode Fullscreen
Frame rate limit Unlimited
Resolution 1920×1080 16:9
3D Resolution 100% 1920×1080
Shadows Off
View Distance Epic
Anti-Aliasing Off
Effects Epic
Textures Epic
Post Processing Low
Motion Blur Off
Vsync Off
Show FPS On

Fornite Game Settings Input

Scope Sensitivity 0.70
ADS Sens 0.70
Mouse Sensitivity 0.80
Mouse DPI 800

Fornite Keybinds

Jump Space Bar
Use E
Ability Slot 2 6
Ability Slot 1 5
Weapon Slot 4 4
Weapon Slot 3 3
Weapon Slot 2 2
Weapon Slot 1 1
Building Slot 4 F4
Building Slot 3 (Ramp) Thumb Mouse Button 4
Building Slot 2 (Platform) Z
Building Slot 1 (Wall) Q
Switch Quickbar n/a
Trap Slot F5

TimTheTatman Fortnite Gear

Keyboard: He uses a gaming keyboard Razer Huntsman Elite features media keys and multi-functional digital design, 4 sides under glow, and leatherette wrist rest. This can be bough for $199.99.

Monitor: 24 inches 144Hz Esports: BenQ Zowie XL2411P gaming monitor.

Mouse: True 16,000 5G Optical Sensor Razer DeathAdder Elite features – Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches available for $49.99. Its ergonomic factor makes it best for Esports gaming.

Headset: Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X. Available for $299.99.

TimTheTatman Fortnite PC

Operating System – Windows 10

Cpu – Intel Core i7-7820X Processor. This ia available for $512.99.

GPU – He has GeForce GTX EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 for Hybrid Gaming that features Hybrid & RGB LED, 11GB GDDR5X and iCX Technology with nine Thermal Sensor Graphics Card 11G-P4-6698-KR.

Motherboard – ASUS ROG STRIX X299 Motherboard that is specifically created for 7th generation e-gaming. Designed for Intel core LGA2066 processor, he uses a computer that has maximized connectivity.

Memory – TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 PC4 G.SKILL 64GB (4 x 16GB) with 28800 3600MHz for Intel Z270 Platform Desktop Memory available for $1150.

HDD – SATA III 6GB, WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB Hard drive

SDD – High-Performance WD Black 500GB SDD.

TimTheTatman Fortnite Setup

Capture Card – He has AVerMedia Live Gamer HD that supports two full HD 1080p display and 60 records as well as multi-card support. It also supports low latency pass for real time gameplay. This is available for $169.99.

Webcam – Mirrorless | PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Camera with 16 Megapixels, 14-42mm MEGA O.I.S. Lens, DMC-G7KS and 3 Inch Touch LCD available for $497.99.

Microphone – Audio-Technica BP40 available for $349.00.

Catch the TimTheTatman in Action


One of the most promising Fortnite Battle Royale professional players, TimtheTatman can be seen more in Twitch Fortnite section.

He is often seen playing with other famous professional players such as DrLupo and Ninja. He has recently finished a Fortnite Battle Royale competition with Dr. Disrespect so him getting into big league is only a matter of time the least.

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