Svennos Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

A native of Netherlands, Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch is a full-time Twitch streamer and a professional Fortnite player. Born on April 21, 1994, Svennoss holds the record of most wins in the famous online gaming platform.

At a young age, he already contracted with NRG Esports. With his accomplishment in the field, he proves that once a person has talent and commitment, fulfilling one’s dreams will be a reality.

Currently, he’s a part of Streamers and NRG Esports. These two teams are very lucky to have this young, talented, and dedicated man. With his expertise, he constantly contributes to his team, achieves immense success, and defeats other professional players.

Mouse Settings and Sensitivity

Sensitivity X 0.1
Sensitivity Y 0.1
ADS Sensitivity 1
Zoom & Scope Sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
DPI & CPI 810

Video and Graphics Settings

Window Mode Windowed Fullscreen
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Resolution / 3D Resolution 1920×1080
Vsync Off
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Motion Blur Off
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
Shadows Off
View Distance Far
Anti-Aliasing Off
Effects Medium
Textures Medium
Post Processing Low


Action Input
Jump Spacebar
Use E
Crouch Left CTRL
Harvesting Tool 1
WS 1 2
WS 2 3
WS 3 4
WS 4 5
WS 5 6
Wall F1
Floor F2
Stairs F3
Roof F4
Trap Slot F5
Switch Quickbar N/A

Take note that Svennos is using the default Fortnite keybindings. As a member of NRG Esports, he’s playing with Kaysid, Vicaros, Zayt, and The General. They are a productive and competitive team just like the other professional Fortnite players.

Gaming Gear

Svennos is an amazing player of Fortnite. He has the skills, knowledge, and expertise that contribute to his fame and success.

But as an avid user of the gaming platform, he believes that the gaming gear plays an imperative role. For those who keep asking about his gaming accessories, the long wait is over.

Svennos is pleased to share his gears to beginners and other professional Fortnite gamers. Here are the following:


Svennos love to use AOC G2460PQU because of its full HD resolution and response rate. While players can enjoy crystal clear images, they can perform at their best.

This brand also has AMD FreeSync technology that offers stress-free and convenient gaming experience. Plus, it is equipped with speakers, great connectivity, and amazing brightness.


Svennos is fond of utilizing SteelSeries Call of Duty Black Ops II. Unlike other options on the market, it is feature-packed. From programmable macro buttons, orange illumination, three-zone lighting, special design to ambidextrous shape, this mouse is perfect for professional players.


Svennos is also interested in cherry MX key switches. He uses Corsair Strafe with gold mechanical gaming keys that deliver a superior advantage.

Packed with dynamic backlighting, this brand is fully programmable and lightweight. While you’re expecting to have a sure win, you can have always had FUN.


ASTRO Gaming A50 is compatible with PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. Aside from perfect compatibility, it has accurate and clear audio quality.

Equipped with a precision microphone, it comes with wireless technology. It’s no doubt that Svennos use it while playing Fortnite.

Watch Svennos At His Best….


To know other professional players, browse the site for more information. ENJOY and achieve a HUGE DIFFERENCE ahead.

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