Stormen Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Stormen is another Fortnite player that has been creating a buzz and curiosity among others. Many users can’t help but wonder who Stormen is.

You probably heard that he was an awesome player. Yes, it’s true. In fact, he created a name in the industry himself that surprise most users.

Known as Stormen, Ludvig Storm is an avid player of Fortnite, where he’s a part of Rogue & Streamers. Born on March 2, 1993, he’s now 25 years old and currently lives in Sweden.

He’s one of the most famous Swedish full-time Twitch streamers and professional Battle Royale players. He’s really a talented and versatile online gamer that caught people’s attention and interest.


Use E
Crouch C
Jump Space Bar
AS 1 Z
AS 2 X
WS 1 1
WS 2 2
WS 3 3
WS 4 4
BS 1 (Wall) T
BS 2 (Platform) Q
BS 3 (Ramp) F
BS 4 F4
Switch Quickbar F5
Trap Slot N/A

Game Settings

Sensitivity X 0.07
Sensitivity Y 0.07
Scope Sensitivity 0.70
ADS Sense 0.60
Mouse DPI 900

Video and Game Settings

Resolution 16:9
3D Resolution 100%
Window Mode Fullscreen
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
Shadows Off
View Distance Epic
Anti-aliasing Epic
Shows FPS On
Textures Epic
Motion Blur Off
Effects Epic
Vsync Off
Post Processing Low

Gaming Gear


Packed with 240 Hz refresh rate, BenQ XL2540 offers the smoothest gaming experience for Fortnite players and other online gamers.

Just like the other favorite brands of professional users, this has 1ms response time that prevents any ghosting and smearing.

Stormen and other players love its shield. It helps them become more focused on the game as it blocks out any distraction. It is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


When it comes to the mouse, Stormen enjoys using wireless Logitech G430. Compared to other options out there, it has advanced performance.

In fact, it has 8x faster than a standard mouse. Aside from that, it is packed with a high-end optical sensor that delivers speed, consistency, and accuracy. But wait, there’s more. It comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design.


Stormen is also particular with mousepad as he chose SteelSeries QcK Heavy. Reputed brand for 20 years, this brand is made of micro-woven cloth that’s specially designed for low or high DPI tracking movements. It has a thick non-slip rubber base that eliminates a wrong movement.


Many professional Fortnite players have been using HyperX Alloy Elite. One of those is Stormen. With the multitude of features, it’s no wonder why online gamers have fallen in love with it.

Common benefits include dynamic lighting effects, sturdy steel frame, Cherry MX mechanical keys, large volume wheel, dedicated media buttons, and more.


When it comes to headsets, Stormen uses HyperX Cloud II, high-quality and excellent brand. Despite the awesome number of options, it stands apart from the competition. Thanks to its noise-canceling microphone, comfortable earpads, compatibility, and audio sound card.

Catch Storemen in Action Here


Stormen starts in the field of online gaming just like you. So, there’s nothing impossible to achieve your dream. As long as you have passion in everything you do, you’d be like Stormen and other professional Fortnite players in the coming years.

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