Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Fortnite Battle Royale is a great survival game you would like to play. Asides its excellent graphics, you have a chance to compete with other players in the game.

One great thing you can do as a Fortnite player is to perform movements that give you an edge to win. But, for most players, it’s hard to perform the right move if you don’t have high-quality equipment and an excellent playing style.

But, how would you achieve that playing style? Of course, you participate in Fortnite competitions and learn new movements from other players.

You can also change your game settings depending on your style and gaming needs. You can also take a look at the game settings of pro-Fortnite players such as Nick Eh 30. Well, he’s a famous Fortnite player who has a million subscribers on Twitch.

Nick Eh 30 is also a competitive player you wish you had on your team. Do you want to discover a few excellent moves that help you win Fortnite Battle Royale? Here are the game settings and keybinds under Nick Eh 30D.

Game Settings and Keybinds

Like most advanced gamers, Nick Eh 30 likes high-quality video on his gameplay, so he selects the 1920×1080 that enables him to capture every detail of the game.

The 3D Resolution is also set to 100% which is ideal for his gaming needs. Nick Eh 30 sets the Shadows and Anti-Aliasing to “Off. You can also see that the Textures, Effects, and Post Processing are set to “Low” setting.

The Show FPS function is turned “On” while the Brightness Calibration is 0.5. The other game sensitivity settings are also set according to Nick Eh 30 game preference.   For the Mouse Sensitivity X, he sets it to 0.10 while the Mouse Sensitivity Y is on O.05.

Nick Eh 30 also makes sure that each setting is perfect for his gaming preference. From here, Nick Eh 30 maintains his consistency in every Fornite Battle Royale game he plays.

Gaming Setup and Gear

The Fortnite settings aren’t complete without excellent gaming equipment. Like other pro players, Nick Eh 30 makes sure he has excellent gaming gear such as the following:

Mouse – An expert gamer, Nick Eh 30 use high-quality mouse such as the Razer Lancehead. It offers him a fast and accurate move he needs to win a game

Keyboard – It’s no doubt the Logitech G Pro is the right keyboard for Nick Eh 30 as it gives him fast and superb operation he needs to level up in the

Headset – For the headset, Nick Eh 30 uses the Beyerdynamic DT 990 due to the excellent sound it offers.

Mouse Pad – The Logitech G640 offers comfort and precise movements for Nick Eh 30. It also amazing features that are perfect for other gamers.

Monitor – Nick Eh 30 likes to capture full details of the game, so he uses the ASUS ROG Swift due to the high-quality features and graphics it has for gamers.

Victory Royale With No Material


The Nick Eh 30 game settings and keybinds are here for the gamers who want to be competitive in their games.  Check out Nick Eh 30 on Youtube or Twitch for you to learn more!

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