HighDistortion Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Over the past few years, Fortnite has been creating a buzz online and offline. The same thing goes with its professional players. One of those avid Fortnite users is HighDistortion.

He made an impact on the world of the gaming industry because of his talent and expertise. That’s why he has become an inspiration for many.

Popular as a Twitch broadcaster, HighDistortion is also famous for creating and streaming content from Fortnite. Because of his global popularity, he has acquired more than a million followers on his channel, and the number is expected to increase this 2019.

Last year, he partook in the inaugural pro season of Overwatch, and it was a huge success. Before fame, he’s just a simple guy, named Jimmy Moreno who played Gears of War.

It was 10 years before he made an impact on other Fortnite fans. He often plays games with CDNThe3rd, a fellow broadcaster.

Before he became an avid user of Gears of War, he started his career as a competitive halo player at local LAN’s. After years of dedication, he is now reputed as a top-level Fortnite player, a full-time streamer for SoloMid, and a bodybuilder.

Mouse Settings & Sensitivity

Sensitivity X 0.10
Sensitivity Y 0.10
ADS Sensitivity 0.79
DPI & CPI 1600
Zoom & Scope sens. 0.70
Polling Rate 1000Hz
EDPI 160

Video and Graphics Settings

Window Mode Fullscreen
Refresh Rate 240 Hz
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920×1080
Motion Blur Off
Vsync Off
3D Resolution 1920×1080
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
Textures Epic
View Distance Medium
Anti-Aliasing Medium
Shadows Off
Post processing Low
Effects Low

Gaming Gear


HighDistortion uses a quality monitor – ASUS PG25Q. Feature-packed, this brand ensures convenient gameplay, makes marathons easier, reduces eye strain, eliminates screen tearing, and avoids stuttering. It’s no doubt that even HighDistortion uses it when playing Fortnite.


HighDistortion also employs Logitech G502. Having a high-end optical gaming sensor, this brand accurately translates hand movements onscreen.

Whatever the operation you do, this mouse won’t disappoint you. Other features include customizable controls and RGB lighting.


Logitech G840 XL is considered a large mouse pad. This allows you to place the keyboard in far positions with optimal comfort.

Not only that, it has a performance-tuned surface, moderate surface friction, sturdy tube, and rubber base. These are the reasons why HighDistortion enjoys using it a lot.


When it comes to the keyboard, HighDistortion uses Logitech G Pro Keyboard. Developed for eSports athletes, this brand can adjust to a high level of precision and speed. It also has micro USB cables, compact design, sturdy switches, and rubber feet to name a few.


HighDistortion utilizes Sennheiser HD 650. Specially catered acoustic silk, this brand guarantees precision damping. It also ensures an improved frequency response, superb driver elements, neodymium magnets, and transient response.

Watch HighDistortion in Action…..


There you have it! Whether you dream to be a famous or professional Fortnite player, everything is possible. Make HighDistortion your inspiration. As time goes on, you’d perform like a pro and boost popularity.

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