Ghost Issa Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Born in Switzerland, Issa “Ghost Issa” Rahim is a professional player of ghost Gaming. She is also one of the uprisings Fortnite Battle Royale player that many look up to.

She is ranked #1882 in the world ranking and #4 in country ranking. Just by playing Ghost Gaming and Fortnite Battle Royale, her net worth is $43, 750 this year.

If you wanted to learn more about here Fortnite settings and keybinds, check out the details below. Like her, you can customize your game settings to make your game more competitive.

Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode Full Screen
Frame Rate Limit 180 FPS
Resolution 1920×1080 16:9
View Distance Far
3D Resolution 1440×1080 (100.0%0
Shadows Off
Textures Low
Anti-Aliasing Epic
Post Processing Low
Effects Low
Vsync Off
Show FPS On
Motion Blur Off
Brightness Calibration 0.50

Mouse Settings

Aside from making changes from the game defaults, she also customized her mouse sensitivity to improve her performance. Check out her mouse settings for Fortnite.

Mouse Settings Input
Controller Targeting Sensitivity 0.40
Controller Sensitivity Y 0.70
Controller Sensitivity X 0.75
Controller Scope Sensitivity 0.40
Controller Building Sensitivity 150
HUD Scale 0.65

Gaming Gear

Unlike many other professional  Fortnite Battle Royale players, Ghost Issa did not make many changes in her game settings. Below are the gaming PC and gear that you will be interested too.

Gear Input
Controller DualShock 4 Wireless
Headset ASTRO Gaming 140
Monitor ASUS VG248QE

So, these are all the in-game video settings, binds for building and gear that Ghost Issa use for Fortnite Battle Royale.

Although the information about her game settings is quite limited, it’s not surprising since she often updates and changes her gaming setup, key binds, and game settings.

Ghost Issa Fortnite Battel Royale Trivia

Recently, Ghost Issa posted on her Twitter account that playing Fortnite using a game console does not entertain her anymore. With so many things that you can do playing it with your PC mouse and keyboard, there’s a lot of things that you can learn from every game.

You will be trained to use your skills better every single time you play. Like other professional players, she also has a YouTube channel where she posted videos of her games played. She also gave away tips on how to improve your in-game skills.

Ghost Issa Achievements

Her first achievement was the Fornite Fall Skirmish: Week 1- Europe on September 21, 2018, wherein her team placed #10th overall and earned a total price of $3,50.

Since then she made several customizations on her game settings and gear to improve her skills. On October 19, 2018, she and her team placed number 13th overall in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish: Week 5- Europe.

This was followed by the Winter Royale: Europe Finals on December 1, 2018, where she placed 4th and amassing game prize of $35,000.

Watch Ghost Issa Team with Mongraal for 41 Kills


Just like her, you can be a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player too. Keep following this page for more Fortnite settings and keybinds from other pro players.


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