Faze Cloak Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Faze Cloak is a full-time streamer which focuses on Battle Royale Genre. He is an American player who plays various games such as Arma 3, H1Z1, PUBG and now the famous Fortnite.

He is a successful gamer who won the second place in the $500,000 tournament Summer Skirmish wherein he pulled off amazing plays.

Do you want to level up your game at Fortnite? Then, you must try the amazing benefits of Faze Cloak. To make the most of your gaming habit, you must learn about the Faze Cloak Fortnite Settings and Keybinds.

Cloak Fortnite Keybinds

Action Input
Jump Space Bar
Crouch Left Ctrl
Sprint Left Shift
Reload R
Harvesting Tool 1
Use E
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 X
Weapon Slot 5 Z
Switch Quick bar Q
Building Slot 1 (Wall) F7 (Bound to Thumb Mouse Button 4)
Building Slot 2 (Floor) F
Building Slot 3 (Stairs) F6 (Bound to Thumb Mouse Button 5)
Building Slot 4 (Roof) V
Trap T

It is also necessary for you to familiarize about the Faze Cloak Fortnite settings.

Game and Video Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode Full screen
Frame rate limit Unlimited
Resolution 1920 x 1080 16:9
View Distance Epic
3D Resolution 100% 1920 x 1080
Shadows Off
Textures Low
Anti-Aliasing Off
Effects Low
Vsync Off
Post Processing Low
Show FPS On
Motion Blur Off


Game Settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity Y 0.10
Mouse Sensitivity X 0.10
Scope Sensitivity 1.00
ADS Sens 1.00
Mouse DPI 400
Polling Rate 1000 Hz

Aside from mastering the settings and Keybinds of Faze Cloak Fortnite, you must also have the best gear and set up for more thrilling and exciting gameplay.

Gaming Gear and Setup

  • Mouse: Razer Death Adder Elite
  • Keyboard: Razer Overwatch BlackWidow Chroma
  • Headset: SteelSeries Arctic Pro
  • Mouse Pad: HyperX Fury S
  • Chair: Star Mesh Seat
  • Monitor: ASUS VG248QE
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370
  • Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1080
  • Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750
  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 102
  • Microphone Arm: RODE PSA1
  • Webcam: Logitech C922x
  • OS: Windows 10

Player’s Profile

Dennis Lepore, popularly known as Cloak is the captain of the Faze Clan. He lives in North America and has popular competitive IDs Cloakzy and Faze Cloak. He is 23 years old gamer which was born on December 26, 1994. The Faze Clan was established in March 2018. He already played on tournaments for solo, duo, and squad.

He won the first place with Tfue for Duo tournament for the Fall Skirmish Series- Week 6 (Twitchcon) on October 28, 2018. In the solo tournament, he won second place for the Summer Skirmish Series NA- Week 2 on July 20, 2018.

Aside from being a professional Fortnite player, he is also an expert Battle Royale player and streamer. Meanwhile, the members of his Faze Clan in Fortnite include Cizzorz, Tfue, Spacelyon, Tennpo, Thief as well as Jaomock.

Catch Faze Cloak Making It Look Easy in Fortnite


If you don’t want to regret in playing at Fortnite, then you must choose the Faze Cloak Fortnite settings and Keybinds mentioned above.

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