F1veskill Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Do you want to have an edge in Fortnite Battle Royale? Then, it would be great to check out the game settings of pro players so that you have an idea which playing style you would use in future games.

Imagine that you’re the last player standing on the field. You would say with pride that you’re the winner.

For some gamers, it’s hard to hold consistency in a game by discovering your gaming style. It’s not bad to see how Fortnite players play as these pros allow you to discover a unique playing style.

You can also change the Fortnite settings so that you would feel comfortable playing Fortnite. Expert players such as F1veskill have game settings that prove essential to discover your gaming style.

You can be competitive as you play Fortnite if the settings apply to your gaming style. From here, you gain the satisfaction to perform new movements that are essential for your gaming advantage.  Here are the game settings under F1veskill:

F1veskil prefers a widescreen as the viewing mode for the game. It gives an enjoyable way to play Fortnite and perform fast and accurate movements.

The game’s resolution is 1920×1080 that offers an HD effect that’s perfect for basic gaming needs such as quality graphics.  For F1veskill, the 3D Resolution is 100% for him to enjoy every detail of the game.

When it comes to the viewing distance, he sets the settings to “Near.”  The Anti-Aliasing and Shadows are set to “Off.”  You can also see a “Low” setting on the side of the Texture, Effects and Post Processing.

F1veskill aims to win even If he chooses the default function of the game. The mouse sensitivity is for (X) is 0.11 and the sensitivity for (Y) is 0.08.

F1veskill shows other players that he’s competitive and comfortable in the gaming style he has.  The gaming settings are also balanced with the keybinds settings.

F1veskill Keybinds Settings

F1veskill is one of the reliable players you can see on Twitch. You can see his amazing performances there.  These superb performances are possible due to his settings selection on the Motion Blur and the Show FPS option.

F1veskill makes powerful moves that make him one of the top players in Fortnite. Through these settings, the levels up his consistency by selecting quality headphones, monitor, mouse, and other game equipment.

Player’s Playing Style

As an excellent gamer, F1veskill is precise and concise with his moves. He reflects a few fast movements that result in an excellent gaming advantage.

He’s careful in showing his moves and ensures that success is the result of these excellent movements. F1veskil enjoys each match he plays and proud of the competitive edge he has from other players.

F1veskill Fortnite settings and keybinds also makes a difference in a game if you’re comfortable in using it. You might even develop your moves and play Fornite Battle Royale with excellence.

Catch F1veskill in Action here


Gamers are welcome to see more of F1veskill settings in future games. Who knows, you might win your first ever   Fortnite match soon.

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