Aydan Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Fortnite Battle Royale wouldn’t be complete without using your preferred playing style. Players have different playing styles that are based on their comfort and skills.

If you know the playing style that suits you, it’s easy for you to achieve excellent gameplay for Fortnite. Have you considered changing the settings in your Fortnite game?

If yes, then you’re in the right track to enjoy an excellent Fornite advantage – your win.  Gamers who want to achieve success can look at the settings of pro gamers such as Aydan for them to have a successful change in their gameplay.

These settings can give you an idea of how you would play on your next Fornite Battle.

Game Settings

Aydan sets his control sensitivities very well by setting the Controller Sensitivity X to 0.8 and the Controller Sensitivity Y to 0.6.

Then, he adjusts the Controller Targeting Sensitivity to 0.50 and the Controller Scope Sensitivity to 0.63. He also pays close attention to the build controls of the game such as the Roof, Stairs, Wall and more.

Through these settings, he’s able to make impressive moves that make a big difference in the game.  He can also make fast moves that enable him to build walls and do other tasks.

Players who face similar situations can get an idea on these settings so that a successful Fornite game is offered to them.

What does Aydan use as gaming equipment?

As a competitive gamer, Aydan also uses high-quality gaming equipment such as the following that adds to his victories in the game.

Controller – Aydan always maintains his game consistency by using a reliable controller such as the DualShock 4 Wireless. It allows him to make fast and precise moves that add to his thrill of playing the game.

Headset – When it comes to the headset, Aydan selects the ASTRO Gaming A40 that gives him and players a great sound that adds more excitement to the Fortnite Game.

Monitor – Alienware AW2518Hf is preferred monitor of Aydan due to its very detailed smart graphics that let players enjoy each game.

Players Playing Style

Aydan is a competitive player that always aims to be on top of the games he plays. He can make amazing moves that prove good to maintain his standings on the game.

He gives his best effort to win a Fortnite battle through the fast-paced moves he has.  Aydan can also give an excellent performance in fast-paced games he likes to play.

Social Profile

If you’re an active Fortnite gamer, you can see Aydan on Twitch and other sites. He’s known to perform fast-paced moves that give a cutting-edge result in Fortnite Aydan is an active gamer who plays in different competitions.

Now, he currently plays for the Ghost Gaming team. He devotes his time to play games and win.

Aydan also maintains a competitive approach in each of the game he plays.  He does his best to improve his game settings to further compete in future Fornite Battle Royale games in the future.

Catch Aydan Score 23 Kills in Solo


So, if you’re a new gamer, it’s nice to check out Aydan game settings to achieve a winning edge.

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