72hrs Fortnite Settings and Keybinds

Have you tried playing Fortnite Battle Royale? If not, it’s your time to enter the world of Fortnite! Here, you compete with other players, and you aim to survive the game.

You can build walls or buildings to level up your chances of winning. You can also make fast and accurate moves that help you become a competitive player.

Players always strive to win and become the last player standing. If you’re a newbie player, one of your ultimate goals is to learn fast moves and win the game.

You can also see the Fortnite settings of other players, and you have an idea of how you would adjust your game settings. Let’s take the famous streamer 72hrs as an example. When it comes to tactics and moves, 72hrs is one of the best players you wish is on your side.

He has a huge fan base due to his amazing performance and commitment as a gamer. You can see his performances on Youtube and Twitch.

He excels in high-level competitiveness that you can observe from the competitions he is part.  The 72hrs Fortnite settings and keybinds are here for most players to see.  You would be amazed at how 72hrs wins Fortnite using these settings.

Game Settings

Most gamers choose the 1920×1080 as the resolution for their Fortnite battles. 72hrs, like most players, stick to 100% in his 3D Resolution setting.

The View Distance is “Near” and, the Shadows and the Anti-Aliasing are both turned “Off.” Players can also see the Textures, Effects and Post Processing option are set to “Low.”

Now, 72hrs sets the Mouse Sensitivity to 0.14 while the Mouse Targeting Sensitivity is 0.40. The Mouse Scope Sensitivity is on 0.40 settings.

You can also see the Show FPS is turned “On” while the Motion Blur is set “Off” that enables 72hrs to enjoy good graphics that he likes.

Regarding Toggle Sprint, you can see that’s it turned “Off”, and the Sprint by Default is “On.” 72hrs make sure that these settings and keybinds apply to his gaming needs.

But, these settings aren’t complete if 72hrs doesn’t have the following gaming gear:

Gaming Gear

Mouse – 72hrs uses quality and reliable mouse such as the Finalmouse Ultralight Sunset that enables a player to execute moves accurately.

Keyboard – The SteelSeries Apex M750 is the right keyboard for 72hrs as he uses it easily.  With the handy function within his reach, he can execute amazing moves he likes. The fast keyboard function is a great help to win the game.

Headset – 72hrs wants the sound of the Fortnite game, so he chooses the HyperX Cloud Alpha that offers a clear and distinct sound.

Mouse Pad – For the mouse pad, 72hrs uses the Glorious 3XL that gives any player comfort in executing fast moves.

Monitor – Players can achieve excellent graphics using the Alienware AW2518H. You can see every detail of the game using these monitor.

72hrs Gets 7 Wins IN A ROW


The 72hrs game settings and keybinds are perfect for gamers who want to learn precise Fortnite movements. You can even achieve a Fortnite win in the future if you play more.

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