Best Mouse Pad for Fortnite 2019 (Top Picks and Reviews)

Best Mouse Pad for Fortnite in 2019

Players of Battle Royale need to have a gaming gear that makes a difference to their in-game performance. If you think a mouse pad doesn’t affect your game activity, think again.

Players need to perform precise and accurate movements if they want to win the Battle Royale. Think of the platforms, walls or ramps that you have to build.  You need an excellent and comfortable mouse pad to level up your movements.

In-Depth Mouse Pad Reviews for Fortnite

#1: SteelSeries QcK

The SteelSeries makes you competitive in the games you play due to its simplicity. You might see players of Counter-Strike using the SteelSeries QcK mousepad due to the comfort it offers them.

Well, you’re sure to like it too if you want to achieve a powerful gameplay experience. You have different mouse pad sizes to select from so you would achieve comfort always.

Gaming Headset and Keyboard

If you buy the XXXL version, you would have an excellent keyboard and headset. Don’t get too surprised because you would be amazed at the protection it offers your wrist.

If you have a big desk, it’s a good idea to buy the XXL version of the SteelSeries QcK. But, it would be uncomfortable to use if you have a small desk.

A good tip: you determine first the size of your desk before you buy the mouse pad. It feels great comfort if you use the right mouse pad that fits your desk.

Excellent Smooth Cloth with Micro Stitching

Let your mouse move easily on the mouse pad that gives you an extraordinary gaming performance. Thanks to the smooth surface, you would move the mouse freely with no interruptions.

The result: you can play long hour sessions without any hassle. The gamin advantage comfort would be yours in any games you play when you use the SteelSeries QcK mousepad.

Reliable Rubber Base Surface

You can’t avoid fast movements when you’re playing Battle Royale, so rubber surface is a reliable feature of this mouse pad. The SteelSeries QcK has a rubber surface that prevents the mouse pad from sliding despite your fast movements. So, you wouldn’t worry if you are playing a competitive match for many hours.

Super Pad Thickness

Don’t worry if you’re table or desk has uneven edges because the SteelSeries QcK has thick pads. You will have no trouble if you like to play games for long hours.

Most advanced gamers would love to use it due to the excellent result it offers them.  You would love it when you play Fortnite Battle Royale or any other game.

Pads for Protection of Your Hands and Wrists

Gamers don’t only need excellent gameplay but also protection of their wrists and hands. The SteelSeries QcK has pads that are good for you.

Gamers can play games for long hours without straining their wrists.  So, it would nice to give the SteelSeries QcK a try today, and an excellent gaming experience would be yours.


  • The SteelSeries QcK is very affordable so you can buy it even you have small cash.
  • Players can gain full control of their movements due to the mouse pad’s smooth texture.
  • The SteelSeries QcK mouse is super thick and has a rubber base that prevents the pad to slide on the table’s side or edge.


  • Players who don’t like to see a logo on the corners might not buy it.

So, if you like an affordable mouse pad, the SteelSeries QcK is an excellent choice for you. With its best features such as rubber base and smooth surface, you would feel comfortable playing your favorite games. You’re welcome to check this mousse pad now!

#2: Glorious 3XL

Competitive gamers would be thrilled to play games due to the large size of this mouse pad. The Glorious 3XL lets you feel comfortable while you’re playing games such as Fortnite Battle Royale.

With its excellent and reliable features, you would enjoy every stage of the games you play.  Don’t waste time now and prepare your big desk as Glorious 3XL is here to give you the best gaming experience you would love.

Rubber Base

Enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest with no interruptions. The Glorious 3XL has a rubber base that doesn’t let the pad slip from the table’s edge.

If you like to play competitive games all night, the Glorious 3XL mouse is the right choice for you. It’s good to feel that you have an excellent mouse pad that gives you comfort all the time.

Anti-Fraying Frame

Do you want a mouse pad that has a long lifespan? You can have it by using the Glorious 3XL mouse pad.  How? It has an anti-fraying frame that lets you enjoy the mouse pad for many years.

The competitive game you’re playing would be more enjoyable as you use the gamepad in your future gaming conquest.

The anti-fraying on the mouse pad gives you not only comfort but also satisfaction in the games you would play. Enjoy every game you play with the Glorious 3XL!

Machine Washable 

If the mouse pad gets dirty, you can wash it easily. Gamers who are particular with the cleanliness of their gaming gear have no trouble cleaning the mouse pad.

Despite its machine washable feature, you can still wash it without the aid of a washer. It depends on your preference if you like the mouse pad machine washed or not.

An excellent tip you can use during the washing process is using the right amount of detergent so as not to affect the mouse’s texture.


  • The large surface area of the mouse pad makes it comfortable to use for gamers who have a large desk at home.
  • The Glorious 3XL has stitched edges that add to its reliability and excellent quality.
  • With its great features, you can use the Glorious 3XL all the time without worrying about any mouse pad issues.


  • The large size of the Glorious 3XL might not apply to all desk sizes.

Fortnite Battle Royale players would be thrilled to use the Glorious 3XL in their next games.  The mouse pad offers reliability and comfort due to its basic features.

If you’re the gamer, you wouldn’t only enjoy playing games but also gain satisfaction in using the mouse pad. Thus, it’s wise if you take a look at this mouse pad right now and experience a competitive gaming advantage.

#3: HyperX Fury Mouse Pad

HyperX wouldn’t only amaze you by making the best headsets for gamers. It also has an excellent edge in making one of the greatest mouse pads for Fortnite.

Players who want to buy a reliable mouse pad would have satisfaction in buying the HyperX Fury. Why? The mouse pad features are handy for most gamers who love the comfort and excellent gameplay.

The HyperX Fury mouse pad enables you to enjoy each game you like.  The soft pads and stitched edge add to the player’s satisfaction all the time. Expect an excellent and exciting gaming experience if you have HyperX Fur on your desk.

Dense Surface 

Do you want to achieve fast optical tracking of the mouse in your games?  Then, you use the HyperX Fury now, and its dense surface aids you to do precise movements.

Players can perform fast movements of their hands without interruptions due to the smooth surface of the mouse pad.

Since you achieve fast optical tracking, you can gain accurate moves that help you win the game – Fortnite Battle Royale. You can even boost your skills by doing hassle free movements all the time.

Anti-Fray Edges

Gamers love to play games for long hours, and they love a mouse pad that they can use for a long time. You would be thrilled because the HyperX Fury has anti-fray edges that let the mouse pad have a long life.

You would enjoy playing games all the time due to this reliable feature.  You can share a memorable gaming experience with your family and friends.

Different Mouse Pad Sizes

Gamers have different needs such as selecting the right mouse pad size.  The HyperX Fury offers you different mouse pad selection that depends on the size of your desk.  The sizes you can select are the following:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

These sizes apply to the gaming style you need.  If you have a small desk, it’s best if you select a small size mouse pad.  For gamers who like to achieve excellent gaming style, a large or XXL mouse is the right selection for them.

Heavy Duty Mouse Pad Fabric

Gamers would be happy if they’re mouse pad has a quality fabric to give them an excellent gaming experience. The superb fabric of the HyperX Fury offers you a chance to use it for years.

The stitched edges feature helps to lengthen the lifespan of the mouse pad.  You wouldn’t have trouble using it on any desk surface.

Since the HyperX Fury, gamers have the advantage to use the mouse pad anytime.  You can engage or join in competitive games with no hassles or delays. With the smooth pad fabric, you can improve your gaming styles and ensure that you win Fortnite Battle Royale.


  • Players can select four different sizes that help them play games comfortably. Whether your desk is big or small, the 4 four sizes from HyperX Fury meet the size of your desk.
  • You achieve accurate movements in every game you play because of the smooth surface of the mouse pad.
  • The stitched edges of the mouse pads help in the comfortable mouse pad use.


  • Gamers who don’t want to see a logo in the corners of the mouse pad wouldn’t like it the pad that much

For gamers, the HyperX Fury mouse pad is the best choice that gives them excellent gameplay. The stitched edges, dense surface, and smooth texture make it easy for you to play Fortnite Battle Royale.

You would enjoy every detail of the game you play as you use this mouse pad. So, if the HyperX Fury is your choice, don’t hesitate to take a look at it.

#4: Logitech G640

Logitech takes you to a fast-paced gaming experience by giving you the Logitech G640.  You wouldn’t only be amazed at the free movements you can do but also with the moderate friction surface the mouse pad has. You can achieve strong resistance if you execute fast movements. It limits the possibility of affecting your game performance.

Since it’s designed for competitive gaming, you wouldn’t have problems with its smooth surface. You can use it without bunching or sliding because it has a rubber base. It also proves reliable if you use it for more extended hours as it has quality edges.

Rubber Base

It’s natural for players to make sudden movements and stops. Don’t worry because your mouse pad wouldn’t slip from the table due to the rubber base of the Logitech G640.

You can enjoy an excellent gaming experience you would love and enjoy.  The rubber base is perfect for all gamers as it gives them free and fast movement without worries.

Moderate Friction Surface

You might feel uncomfortable if you couldn’t control the movements of your hands while playing games.  Thanks to Logitech G640’s moderate friction surface would control your movements easily.

You can have moderate friction in all your game movements that let you enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale.

Imagine the edge this would give you as you play more games in the future. The moderate friction surface is essential if you also like to enjoy full gaming experience with your family.

Soft Material for Comfort

Gamers like to use a mouse pad that has soft material that adds to comfort to their hands and wrists. You can move your hands on any part of the mouse pad freely due to its soft texture.

You have a chance to develop a playing style because you wouldn’t have problems to execute moves.  The soft material of the mouse pad also adds to the excitement you would feel in your future games.

Applicable to FPS Games

Do you love to play FPS games? Then, you can choose the Logitech G640 as your mouse pad. You can do fast movements without worrying about sudden starts and stops.

Both new and pro players can maximize their gaming styles depending on the mouse pad they select. You compete with other players easily by having full control of the mouse.

But, we’re not only talking FPS games here, but you can also use the Logitech G640 to play other games. So, you check the Logitech G640 today and experience the great thrill in each gameplay.


  • Logitech G640 is under the Logitech’s technology that offers you a chance to level up your gaming experience.
  • The Logitech G640 is large that’s applicable for big desks. You can enjoy full gaming experience at all times due to the pads large size.


  • If you have a small budget, it will difficult for you to buy the Logitech G640 because it’s expensive.
  • You wouldn’t expect to see any anti-fray features on this mouse pad.

Do you want a reliable mouse pad you can use in playing Fortnite Battle Royale? Then, you would be glad and excited to have Logitech G640.

Its great features such as rubber base, moderate friction surface and more are enough reasons for you to buy the Logitech G640.

Though it’s quite expensive, you would still want to have it due to the smooth features it offers you. Come now and take a look at Logitech G640 and you would enjoy the result you would get.

Your gaming experience becomes unique and wonderful using Logitech G640.

#5: Razer Goliathus

Gamers would be surprised with the graphics logo printed on the Razer Goliathus. Razer always thinks about the satisfaction of its clients, so it offers another product – the Razer Goliathus.

You expect high performance in your gaming performance using this mouse pad.  Players can select from two performance when the use the Razer Goliathus – the speed or control.

If you’re a player that likes fast paced movements, then the speed mat is right for you. Players who focus on the accuracy would select the control mat.

It’s best if you use the control mat if you play FPS games. The control mat allows you to perform accurate and precise moves.  Also, you can level up your comfort by selecting from the different pad sizes such as the following:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extended

Players who have a big desk can choose the extended mouse pad that lets them do fast and accurate movements at once.

Rubberized Base

It will be a hassle on your part if the pad falls from the table during a game.  Don’t worry because that wouldn’t happen if you use Razer Goliathus.

Due to its rubberized base you can make a sudden start or stop movement depending on the games you’re playing. So, you can achieve a full gaming satisfaction as you use the Razer Goliathus.

Two Performance Selections

Now is the time to enjoy games you’re playing on your desktop as Razer Goliathus offers you two performance options you need.  Players can gain full accuracy in playing games when they use the control mats.

The control mat is perfect for FPS games where you need to move fast. If speed is your focus, you try the speed mat that allows you to be successful in playing fast paced games.

Four Mat Sizes

Don’t worry if you have a big desk at home because the Razer Goliathus has four mat sizes! Yes, clients can choose the pad size they want.

From small to an extra-large size, you don’t have to face hassles in playing Fortnite Battle Royale or any game you like. For players who have big tables, it would be wise if they would stick to the largest pad size for them to achieve additional comfort.

If you’re comfortable with a medium sized mat, you use it, but you have to consider your gaming advantage. Players who are confident and sure of their gaming advantage can use a medium-sized gaming pad.


  • The Razer Goliathus can cover your desk so you don’t need to worry about the sudden movements that you would make.
  • The rubber base feature allows you to make fast and accurate movements you would need to win a game.
  • The smooth surface of Razer Goliathus enables you to do fast movements.


  • The logo on the mouse pad is raised slightly so the mouse would hit it.
  • The mouse pad is quite expensive particularly for most gamers who have a small budget.

When it comes to control and speed, you can rely on Razer Goliathus to give you satisfaction. You can control the movements easily you would make.

It would start on your side if you have precise control of the game all the time. For players who aim for speed, the speed mat under Razer Goliathus is the best choice.  The mouse pad’s smooth texture is great if you like playing games at night.

Despite its big price, you would still love to buy it due to its best features. The rubberized base give you comfort even you make sudden movements.  Come now and check the Razer Goliathus and see the excellent result it offers you!

Mouse Pad Buying Guide

If you still unsure what mouse pad you’re going to buy?  Here are important things you have to consider in purchasing a new gaming mousepad:

Playing Style Type

Players have specific playing styles that they need to determine before they buy a gaming mouse pad. Do you focus on control in playing games or do you like to focus on speed?

If already have answers to these questions, then it’s the time for you to buy a gaming mouse pad. Players who like high input on their game can select mouse pads that would enhance that input.

You also have to take note of the consistency you want to achieve during the game. Now, gamers who want to develop their consistency use a mouse pad that enables them to make accurate moves. You can also select a mouse pad that focuses on control and speed if you want to excel as a player.

Consider Your Comfort

Players not only need to focus on successful gaming but also their comfort.  Most mouse pads offer rubber base and additional thickness.

When your mouse pad has a rubber base, it won’t slip on the table despite the fast movements you would make. You wouldn’t worry if you’re going to make fast moves or not. The rubber base always makes the mouse pad steady.

What about the thickness of the mouse pad? A thick mouse pad ensures that you would make movements comfortably.

A thick mouse pad adds to the thickness of the desk that results to a convenient way of playing games.  You can find the thickness feature in the latest version of mouse pad products in the market.

Mouse Pad Size Selection

It’s every gamer focus on selecting the mouse pad size they prefer. You have two choices – the extra wide or the rectangular mouse pad.

Well, most gamers would select an extra wide mouse pad that covers most of their desk. But, you have to consider the right size of the mouse pad they would use.  Why?  Not all mouse pads can fit your desk.

Take note of the other items that are found on your table before you select the right mouse pad.  You can also select the rectangular mouse pad if your table is medium size.

For small tables, it’s best to pick the small mouse pad over the medium one because it gives a comfortable gaming experience.

Consider Wrist Support

Let’s face it that there are no gaming pads that offer players wrist support. If a mouse pad does have wrist support, it will affect the large and precise movements of a player.

Gamers want a competitive edge in every game they play, so the wrist support feature is often left out.  But as a player, you also need to consider your safety.

Since most gaming mouse pads don’t provide wrist support, you select a mouse pad that’s light and comfortable to use even if you use it for long hours.

You take note of the fabric and the texture of the mousepad. Also, you take time to rest your wrist during every game. A good rest helps to prevent carpal tunnel on your wrist.

The budget for the Mouse Pad

Since mouse pads have different features, you can also expect a high price depending on the features of the mouse pads. The size of the mouse pad also reflects a high price as well.

Players who have a big budget can buy an expensive mouse pad.  Some of the expensive mouse pads they could buy are those that have anti-fraying features.

For gamers who have a tight budget, they can buy high-quality mouse pads at an affordable price. They can gain satisfaction from the smooth surface and texture of the mouse pads. Players can also improve their playing style in using the right mouse pad.

Why Gamers Need a Mouse Pad Anyway?

Fortnite Battle Royale, like other games, is similar to building a home – you need to have a good base. In this case, we’re referring to a mouse pad that serves as a reliable base of the game.

The focus isn’t only the key for you to win. You also need to execute precise movements that you would need to beat your opponents.

The mouse pad makes it easy and simple for you to level up in each match of the game. How would you do it using the best mouse pad for Fortnite?  Here are the reasons why you need a reliable mouse pad:

Mouse Pad Helps You Build an Excellent Muscle Memory

Fortnite Battle Royale is a fun and exciting game. You’re required to use moves that allow you to beat the other players. For you to do this, you need to use a mouse pad that lets you execute your movements.

The mouse pad offers you free movements and comfort that allows you to have an edge in the game.   If you use it in every match, your muscles would remember your moves that results to quick gameplay.

Achieve Full Control and Speed Using a Mouse Pad

Fortnite Battle Royale players will have a fast-paced game if they have full control of their movements.  It’s possible if you have a reliable mouse pad beside you.

You’re not only comfortable to execute moves, but you would also be thrilled to compete with other players. The mouse pad gives you the boost to level up your gaming performance in competitive games.

Players Gain Full Accuracy in Their Game Efforts

Do you want to master accuracy in your moves? The best mouse pad for Fortnite lets you be accurate in your moves.  Players would be convenient to execute each move and amaze other players. Since you have full control of your movements, you would maintain accuracy in every game you would play. It all starts if you’re using a reliable mouse pad.

Protects Your Wrist and Hands

As a player, you don’t only need to boost your skills or accuracy. It’s also a good point if you protect your hands or wrist from the table’s edge.

You can use the mouse pad and reach it up to the table’s edge. From here, you can enjoy satisfaction in playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Also, the rubber button on these mouse pads offers you a non-slip surface that gives padding to your hand.

Now that you know a mouse pad’s importance let’s proceed to the best mouse pads for Fortnite. Are you ready? Here are the top mouse pads you can use in a Fortnite Battle Royale game:

Get ready for the next Fortnite Battle Royale Battle you would play with your friends! Select the best mouse pad on this list and enjoy an excellent gaming experience you would never forget. Come now and make your choice!

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