Best Mouse for Fortnite (Top Picks and Reviews for 2019)

Best Mouse for Fortnite (Top Picks and Reviews for 2019)

Playing games is one of the most favorite hobbies of the people of all ages. It is one of their effective ways to release stress and tension from their everyday lives. Well, to experience the best of your gaming habit, it is also important to equip yourself with the right and good quality gaming gear. It can be your perfect weapon to enjoy a challenging and entertaining Fortnite combat.

The mouse is among the essential elements of your gaming. So, you must pick the top quality mouse that can help you to bring the best in you while playing your favorite Fortnite game.

It is a fact that finding the best mouse for your gaming needs is a difficult task. Worry no more, because you are in the right place. The following is a list of the best mouse for Fortnite that you can choose for your playing session.

In-Depth Gaming Mouse Reviews

#1: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is considered as the number one mouse for Fortnite and FPS games. It is perfect for those aspiring Fortnite players who aim to have more competitive games.

It is a top quality mouse that you can depend on to have a smooth gaming procedure. It was also the latest version of the famous Logitech Proteus Core.


  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum has a fantastic feature of RGB lighting that allows you to manage colors, patterns as well as cycle speed from Logitech’s fantastic
  • This mouse is highly customizable, so you can always meet your gaming standards and requirements.
  • It comes with 11 programmable buttons that can be key bound for what use you like for your game. This feature is one of the reasons that make it unique for most Fortnite players.
  • With its customized feature, you can remove or add up to 5 weights that come from the package. It is ideal for those who want a heavy or light mouse. It is essential for making quick and precious movements.
  • It is the best overall mouse in the market. It comes with 200-12000 DPI and an adjustable weight system.
  • Another unique feature of Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is that you can set 2 DPI settings and switch between the 2 with a handy button. It is perfect if you need to slow down the sensitivity for hitting shots with precision immediately.
  • It has an excellent button placement that guarantees you not to bump into it by mistake. It also features a scroll with three various buttons you can bind. These buttons include the regular mouse scroll button, right side and left side scroll. It allows you to have an easy reach while playing.
  • It comes with a mouse wheel that has two spin modes where you can switch between one free roll and one regular roll.
  • Its right and left mouse buttons have an exact and crisp feeling to them. It has a great clicking sound that offers excellent feedback for the user.
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a well-made and comfortable mouse for gamers.
  • Extremely accurate and customizable for a tailor-made fit.
  • It comes with a solid and elegant design that every gamer will surely love.


  • Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum has a cord.
  • It can add another light source for RGB lighting.

#2: SteelSeries Rival 700

This is the most value gaming mouse. It is a more innovative gaming mouse that comes with extraordinary features that can make you smile.


  • It features an OLED screen on the side of the mouse. It is useful to have a piece of information or text. It supports most famous games wherein you can have ammo or health in the screen updating in real time. If it is not enough, it vibrates which it makes unique compared to another mouse in the market. It is also helpful for you to react faster and avoid mistakes in the game.
  • With this vibrating mouse, your attention can be a trigger to the things which is difficult to multitask.
  • It also comes with RGB lighting feature.
  • SteelSeries allows you to download more programs for your mouse for a more customized gaming experience. It comes with real-time stats.
  • With this, you can change the colors or DPI for the mouse. It comes with lighting for the scroll that you will never find in another mouse.
  • SteelSeries Rival 700 has up to 16000 DPI and a very accurate sensor that you can also replace.
  • The best about this mouse is that it comes with swappable parts. So, if some part breaks, you can replace it to bring the best function of it.
  • You can save money because you need to buy only the damaged parts of the mouse. You don’t need to buy a replacement of the whole mouse.
  • SteelSeries Rival 700 comes with regular side mouse buttons that cover the players’ needs.


  • Some users complain that it is a little bit expensive.

#3: Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse

It is another quality mouse from Logitech. It is a more stripped down version of G502 that is very technical. It is one of the top-grade gaming mouses that you can avail in the market.


  • It has an accurate sensor and amazing
  • It is made with high durability for heavy use and long-time playing sessions.
  • It has 12000 DPI and RGB lighting that lights up the G logo on the mouse.
  • One unique feature of this mouse is that it can give you about 16.8 million colors that can perfectly suit your style or team color.
  • Its DPI fast switch is placed under the scroll wheel. With its customizable feature, you can change the settings in the Logitech’s gaming software.
  • It is best for players who want a more customized mouse setting for their game.
  • It has a braided cord and comes with great quality and feeling steady.
  • It comes with a modern, sleek and elegant design that makes a cool


  • This mouse is primarily in the smaller category.
  • The wheel of the mouse doesn’t light up.

#4: Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is considered the best budget gaming mouse today. It is a very comfortable mouse for you to have a smooth and more convenient game procedure.


  • It is a bigger mouse that is perfectly designed for competitive gamers.
  • Its quality design is perfect for a firm hand grip.
  • This mouse has an excellent matte finish to reduce slippery or greasy feeling while using it.
  • Razer also offers a program for gaming
  • It also comes with RGB lighting.
  • This gaming mouse has up to 16000 DPI which is exceptionally
  • Another excellent feature of the Razer DeathAdder Elite is that has a straightforward and impressive design that offers a cool and creative look. It is also perfect for gamers with big hands.
  • It comes with two side buttons that can be placed by your thumb for quick access.
  • It has a fast switch for 2 DPI modes that you can set in the program.
  • It is a mouse with a minimal design and doesn’t bloat with buttons. So, it is also perfect to use for a work
  • It has a size and grip that gives a steady feeling for the players. With this, you can make instant precious movements in the game.
  • With its exceptional quality, you can use it for a longer
  • It has a left-handed edition and grips on the scroll. It is accurate and well-proven, so there is nothing to doubt about its use.


  • It is not innovative when it comes to functions.
  • It is not advisable to use for those who have small hands.

#5: Logitech G600

Logitech G600 is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) gaming mouse.


  • It comes with 20 buttons that you can bind.
  • Its additional Keybinds for Fortnite is helpful to make the most of your game.
  • Logitech G600 is a great quality mouse that is made from top materials.
  • It has a mini keyboard on the right side of the mouse. It is specifically designed for great comfort having a sculpted shape for simple no-look navigation.
  • It is a mouse that has up to 8200 DPI which is lower than the other mouse in the market.
  • It has a polling rate of 1 millisecond through the standard USB connection.
  • It also features RGB lighting that can light up the buttons. With this, it can be easily seen even in dark environments.
  • It comes with custom-color backlighting wherein you can choose from beautiful 16 million colors.
  • With this mouse, you can make various profiles for different users or games. The memory profiles were stored onboard, so you can use it in different computers without the need of repeating individual settings each time.
  • Aside from its 20 programmable buttons, you can also be satisfied with its excellent quality material. It is built with top quality materials for its long-lasting performance.


  • It doesn’t have an extremely high DPI.
  • The side buttons take time to get used to.

#6: SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a simple gaming mouse that can help you to have an extraordinary and thrilling Fortnite gaming experience.


  • It is a solid mouse that is specially designed for gamers.
  • It includes silicone side grips for additional comfort and easy man-over under challenging
  • It has a good sensor and good tracking for easy gaming process.
  • It is ideal to use for those who like nice gaming mouse which is not flash over the edge.
  • The SteelSeries Sensei 310 has up to 12000 DPI and provides a shape that can offer great flexibility and comfort for your gaming needs.
  • This mouse has premium quality construction and nice pattern on its scroll wheel that you never see in another mouse.
  • It has a low profile for those who prefer this type of mouse.
  • It has RGB lighting, stable and perfect for those who have big hands.


  • This mouse can be wide for some users.

#7: Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk is known as the best shooter gaming mouse.


  • Razer Basilisk is a gaming mouse that has a beautiful and elegant design for a cool and outstanding appearance.
  • It is a streamlined mouse with amazing features.
  • With this mouse, you can have a more comfortable grip, two face button, and two thumb buttons.
  • It comes with a precise and great sensor with different DPI settings.
  • One unique feature of Razer Basilisk is that it has an adjustable length clutch that can activate a lower DPI snipe mode through default.
  • It is more intuitive than the usual sniper buttons that can help you to line up essential


  • Some users said that the design can still be improved.

#8: Razer Naga Trinity

Since Fortnite is not a pray and spray type of game, you must have a competent gaming mouse that can help you to make the best grip. Razer Naga Trinity is a mouse that you can depend on your Fortnite gaming habit.


  • It is optimized for MMOs.
  • It also comes with swappable side panels. With this, you can save more because you only need to replace the damaged parts.
  • With this gaming mouse for Fortnite, you can have around 12, seven or only two thumb buttons.
  • It features a comfortable and creatively designed chassis as well as the premium quality of the sensor.
  • It is made with a great level of quality to help you bring the best in you while playing.
  • If you want to invest in a more innovative gaming mouse for Fortnite, then you must prefer for this mouse model.
  • It is built with excellent durability and flexibility to meet your Fortnite gaming standards and requirements.

#9: FinalMouse UltraLight Pro/ Sunset

FinalMouse Ultralight Pro/ Sunset is one of the top gaming mouses in today’s gaming era.


  • The FinalMouse UltraLight Pro is lightweight. So, you easily and comfortably use it during your play on Fortnite. It comes at 68 grams and has a striking and incredible design that is truly pleasing to the eyes.
  • It is not full of hot air. Aside from its weight, it also comes with 3360 sensor as well as Omron switches which make it as an excellent in-game performer.
  • The cable was upgraded on the limited edition Ultralight Phantom.
  • It is an innovative gaming mouse that will support your mouse grip and gaming needs.
  • It also features an ergonomic shape and excellent internals that will satisfy a gamer’s playing needs.


  • This mouse is very limited. So, Fortnite gamers who prefer for this mouse don’t have the chance to enjoy its amazing benefits.

#10: Logitech G403

Logitech G403 is one of the top choices of many Fortnite gamers.


  • It has an excellent construction that can offer you nice flexibility to meet your Fortnite gaming needs.
  • The Logitech G403 features flawless 3360 sensors.
  • One of its remarkable aspects is its shape. It can feature the hallmarks of a top player.
  • The buttons are separate from the shell with Omron switches.
  • This gaming mouse is very responsive, and the weight is very satisfactory.


  • Some users complain about its stiff braided cable. This cable can be detrimental for a comfortable and maximum game performance.

#11: Logitech G703

The Logitech G703 is the wireless version of G403. If you want a more innovative gaming mouse for Fortnite, then you can opt for this mouse.


  • It is a wireless gaming mouse that you can use for the more comfortable gaming experience.
  • It also features Logitech’s POWERPLAY technology which charges the mouse while using it. You can enjoy this feature with the use of POWERPLAY Logitech mousepad.
  • It is built with excellent quality and can perform well just like the wired mouse.


  • It is a bit heavier because of being wireless. It weighs 105 grams.

#12: Roccat Nyth

Roccat Nyth is one of the most customizable gaming mice today.


  • The Roccat Nyth comes with fine-tune side button layouts.
  • It comes with two sets of finger rests for your ring and pinky fingers.
  • It has 12000 DPI and a twin-tech laser sensor.
  • It has a USB interface and 18 buttons.
  • It has an ergonomic design that is perfect for right-handed Fortnite gamers.
  • It had a weight of 120 g and built with exceptional


  • It is not suitable for claw grip or finger grip.
  • Some users complain that it is a little bit pricey.

Finding the perfect mouse for your Fortnite gaming habit is not an easy job. Many gaming mice are competing with each other in the market, so you must be careful in selecting one. To help you get the best one, here are some tips that you can follow.

Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite

It doesn’t mean that a mouse with high DPI is the best mouse for you. To understand more about your mouse gaming needs, consider the following before purchasing one.


DPI is the dots per inch and usually used for measuring the sensitivity of the mouse. Through changing DPI settings, you can adjust the speed of your pointer as it moves.

The higher the DPI, the more you can move faster. On the other hand, the lower the DPI, the more it will become slower. So, you must know about the DPI of your mouse to avoid regrets in the end.

Polling Rate

This factor is the time that takes the mouse to communicate with your computer. It is about how often the mouse updates its location on your screen.

It is measured in Hz, and its intervals are measured by milliseconds. If your mouse has 1000 I polling rate, then the update of its location is once per millisecond.

Mouse Buttons

It is a fact that thinking about a regular mouse makes you consider the left and right mouse button. Nowadays, it is prevalent that gaming mouse consists of buttons for your thumb and other easy to reach areas.

The scroll of your mouse is also considered as a button. Thus, once it was clicked, the wheel works as a button. You must check if your mouse has great quality buttons to avoid gaming disappointments.

Commonly, a mouse is composed of 2 sensors. These sensors are one laser and one optical. The optical sensor is preferred for FPS games since it has less room for mistakes in accuracy. It is perfect for gamers who don’t want bad precision.

Meanwhile, the laser sensor is better to use on various surfaces. When you are using a stationary computer, you can use a mouse pad that can work perfectly with an optical sensor. However, you can keep switching places and use the surface as the tracking source.

Mouse Acceleration

The acceleration of your gaming mouse is the speed ratio of the pointer to the speed of the movement of your hands. It defines the acceleration of the gaming mouse. Always remember that mouse with high speed can effectively manage movements.

Lift Off Distance

 It is an essential factor that you must consider buying a gaming mouse. It is the measurement of how high your mouse can respond when it is lifted in the air.

It is crucial especially for professional Fortnite gamers who aim to have a good lift off distance during the intense gaming session. Competitive FPS gamers use low sensitivity which allows them to lift the mouse.

As the mouse travels in the air, the player doesn’t want the sensor to detect any movement until it touches the surface again.

To get the best and more comfortable mouse, it is important to consider its size. You must decide whether a small-sized mouse or full-sized mouse is the perfect one for you.

The small-sized versions of the mouse are designed for travel accessory, and no typical gamer will care if they are stationary.

Now that you have learned the crucial factors to consider before buying your gaming mouse, you must also know about the mouse grip styles.

Mouse Grip Styles

There are various mouse grips that you can apply while using a mouse. The style will help you to choose the right gaming mouse for you. You must have the gaming mouse that will suit your grip style. Well, the following are the different mouse grip styles that can guide you.

  • Palm grip. It is the most famous type of mouse grip. It is considered as the most relaxed and most natural way of using your gaming mouse. In this grip, your whole hand is touching the gaming mouse.
  • Fingertip grip. In this grip, you can handle your mouse with the use of your thumb and finger. The rest of hand was hovering in the air. It is usually used in fast-paced It is not suggested for precise movements.
  • Claw grip. It is a slightly modified version of the palm mouse grip. Here, your fingers for right and left mouse button are arched like a claw. There is less contact with the mouse, but it has a more responsive angle to be clicked by your fingers.

The Importance of Right Gaming Gear for Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most famous and favorite games of the millions of people all over the world. There are several Fortnite successful gamers and gains the best experience while playing. Well, if you want to be successful like them, you must also make an effort to improve your gaming experience.

One of the best things to do is to equip with the best and most effective Fornite gear. It will guide you to have an exciting game wherein you have the chance to enhance your gaming skills.

In return, you can be engaged to play more and make it one of your habit or passions in life. It cannot be denied that playing your favorite games help you to unwind and release tension and stress. It is your way to take a break from your stressful environment.

Well, if you want to level up your passion for gaming, you must get the best and quality gaming gear for Fortnite. You must have the best gaming mouse to perform at your best in the game.

Playing with your favorite mouse can enhance your gaming styles as well as your gaming techniques to gain more chances of winning. Even more important, it can also help you to gain more confidence and motivation to play with more determination than before.

There are various models of gaming mouse for Fortnite that are competing with each other in the market. So, you must make a wise decision before purchasing one. With this, you can make sure that you are not wasting your time, effort and money for nothing.

Armed with the right mouse and gaming gear, boredom and tiredness will never come to your way. Thus, playing with the superior quality of mouse and gear is helpful for you to have a great performance at Fortnite game.


Now that you have learned about the best mouse for Fortnite, you can pick the right one that will suit your gaming standards and requirements. Always remember that your mouse is an essential gear that can help you to have a rewarding and thrilling Fortnite game.

There are different types of the mouse in the market, and you are not sure if which one is for you. Fortunately, the valuable information you can find above will help you in finding the gaming mouse that will help you experience the best even on close Fortnite combats.

You may not know it, but using your favorite gaming mouse is a big help to enjoy your particular Fortnite gaming session. Your mouse is an essential gear for you to perform at your best in the game.

You must also consider your playing style so that you can make sure that the money, time and effort you invested for your mouse are all worth it.

Are you an aspiring Fortnite gamer that desires to have thrilling and entertaining gameplay?  Then, you must equip yourself with the best gaming mouse that can help you achieve the highest satisfaction.

If you are serious for your Fortnite gaming habit, then it is time for you to invest in the latest and most innovative gaming mouse today.

You can choose one from the best mouse for Fortnite mentioned above. There is a variety of choices that can perfectly match to your taste, personality, budget and most of all, to your hard-earned budget.

Mouse us important for a great gaming setup that allows you to enjoy unlimited access to your favorite Fortnite games. You don’t have to fear because the mouse comes with amazing features that will make you smile.

Choosing a premium quality gaming mouse will also guide you to improve your gaming techniques without having much effort.

If you invest for a top quality gaming mouse regardless of its price, you can expect to have a big return of your investment. Even more important, you must not choose your mouse based on its cost. Thus, quality is not always expensive.

If Fortnite gaming is one of your passions, then you must check whether you have the right gaming gear and setup. Aside from getting the best mouse for Fortnite, you must also have the perfect gaming monitor, microphone, headset, mousepad as well as other essential game equipment.

It is the best way to experience the highest level of satisfaction, happiness, and entertainment that you truly desire. Additionally, you must also learn the best settings and keybinds of your Fortnite game to make the most of your gaming time.

With the best advice you can get from this article, you can now save more hours of researching for the superior quality of mouse for Fortnite. With this, you can now focus more on planning your gaming strategies instead of finding the highest quality gaming mouse for your

Fortnite game. The list of the mouse you can find above comes with its pros and cons, so you can effectively decide whether they are the best or not gaming mouse for you.

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