Best Keyboard for Fortnite 2019 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Best Keyboard for Fortnite 2019

Over the years, the keyboard for your computer has changed. The same thing happens with the gaming industry. This is especially true with Fortnite. More particularly, the key bindings play a vital role in achieving a perfect game. This is where a responsive low-latency keyboard comes in.

However, it is hard to choose the one that suits your needs. The growing number of options is the factor to blame. Don’t worry! This article consists of the best keyboards for Fortnite. All the worries of finding a good investment will turn into satisfaction.

In-Depth Gaming Keyboard Reviews


Are you on the lookout for a perfect keyboard? Then, you have come to the right place. Corsair K70 is a top-notch option.

Featuring a sleek design, a colorful range of rainbow backlights, and authentic Cherry MX switches, it’s going to transform your experience up to the maximum level.

Functional, innovative and beautiful, Corsair K70 has got everyone covered. While it is available at a competitive price, it is a good investment.

Having high-quality mechanical switches and a sturdy chassis, this keyboard is worth the cost. Not only does it perform beyond your expectations, but it can also last for many years, saving you a hundred dollars over a long run.


Corsair K70 runs on a high-end software that offers extensive feature set. But it can be tricky to use especially for the novice. Fortunately, you’d seem like a pro as time goes by. You can do incredibly cool things.

You can set up profiles for different games, record macros, and reprogram every key. There are three built-in profiles you can grab when you need to take it with you. You can also program as many as you like and save it on your computer.


As with Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2, this is a full-size keyboard that measures 17×6 inches without the wrist rest. When it comes on the black chassis, there’s a little-wasted space. It’s an inch smaller than most peripherals with comfortable spacing between the keys. 

What sets it stand out from its counterparts is its aluminum surface. It does not come with a plastic material, making it refined and durable. It looks perfect in a home gaming setup or office desk. Users love its elevated keys boosting aesthetic flair.

Corsair has been known for high-quality keyboards for Fortnite. As with other reliable companies, they never cut corners when it comes to key switches.

They offer authentic and aesthetic Cherry MX. There are cherry switches you can choose from, including Speed, Red Brown, and Blues. So, get ready because it takes time to study all switches in detail. Overall, you would love them as time goes on.

Corsair K70 has astonishing keys and can perform across a variety of genres. Whether you are fond of playing Overwatch, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, World of Warcraft, or StarCraft: Remastered, this has excellent functionalities you should take advantage. Each switch is springy and responsible. Plus, it has comfortable keycaps to use.


Cable is large: Transferring this keyboard from a place to another can be difficult. Its cable is quite large and heavy. But it’s not a big dilemma. You can ask help from a relative for your convenience.

Available at a High Price: For those who are looking for cheap options, this is not a good solution. It is expensive that can cause a dent in your savings account.

However, it becomes money-saving within an extended period. You can avoid constant replacement fees and other unnecessary expenses.


Most gaming keyboards use the highest-quality parts, and they are a significant advantage for users. But their designs are a bit awkward for some. Logitech G810 is far different.

It is aesthetically pleasing that you can boast to relatives and friends. Whether you’re fragging enemies in Counter-Strike or typing the Great American Novel, it won’t disappoint you.

Even though the keys are not the best solutions on the market, it is a flexible and attractive peripheral with the superb interface and extra features.


One of the best gaming peripheral management programs, the Orion Spectrum runs on the Logitech Gaming Software. Not only does it allow you to reprogram keys, link games to profiles, but you can also play with the full RGB backlighting.

Its software will scan your system for your chosen games and create profiles automatically. All you have to do is to pick a color scheme. Then, assign additional commands to all function keys.


Logitech G810 is a simple back accessory, measuring 17.5 x 6.0 inches. It is a perfect fit for a variety of desktops. Even though it does not have a wrist rest, it makes the most of its space.

Its keys nearly touch the peripheral’s edges that can be compared to a membrane keyboard. Its design exceeds from the flashy appeal. It looks dignified, which is a sensible addition to a grown-up gamer space or an office desk.

Logitech G810 keyboards use Romer-G mechanical switches, and the Orion Spectrum follows suit. As with other brands, they do well. While the keys are quiet, they offer a bit of resistance and a substantive feel.

Users can also play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, or control volume with the use of a roller. There’s also a button you can use to activate or deactivate the lighting.

Reputed as an all-purpose gaming keyboard, Logitech G810 is a flexible choice for everyone. Whether you get addicted to playing the Star Wars Battlefront, Batman: Arkham Knight, StarCraft 11: Legacy of the Void, the Orion Spectrum is for you.


Software Oddities. If you look for functional software, this may not be an excellent solution you can ever have. Consider other alternatives in this list.

Not the Fastest for Typing. Still, Logitech G810 is perfect for your typing needs. This is especially ideal for novice users of Fortnite.

There’s no USB port on the Keyboard. Add other brands to cart for optimal comfort.


Mechanical boards can be the best option for gaming purposes. However, the jaw-dropping price and the loud clicking of different models are not for all.

They seem developed for wealthy users. Good news! There are more affordable and quieter membrane gaming keyboards to grab. One of those is the Corsair K55. As with expensive brands, it has design cues and awesome features that many users would love.


The K55 is very simple. It is not like the brands with jaw-dropping prices. It does not have a glossy surface design, which has a risk of dust, nasty stains, fingerprints, and scratches.

Instead of ergonomic curve design, it only comes with a flat key profile that users adore. Although it’s not a mechanical keyboard, it uses metal wire stabilizer for the spacebar, modifiers, and other longer keys.


Known as a membrane keyboard, the Corsair K55 uses rubber domes under its keycaps, resulting in softer keypress and a silent response. But this does not lead to spongy keys. There’s enough amount of resistance when gaming or typing.

There are also RGB lighting zones under the keycaps. When it comes to the colors, they have diffused glow. Plus, they fill up space with enough light. Thanks to its floating keycaps and rubberized domes.

It does not mean that when you use a membrane keyboard, it can ruin your experience. With the use of Corsair K55, everything will be different. Since availability, users love its natural typing. Thanks to the keycaps that have proper spacing. Other media keys rest above the NUMPAD.

These include the buttons for skipping tracks and volume control. On the left side, you can find six keys. They are used for assigning and executing macros. Although Corsair K55 macro keys lack the textured faces associated with a costlier model, its functionality is flawless.

While the K55 does not have Cherry MX Red switches, its keys best suits for gaming because of its sensitivity and feel. Playing Overwatch or Destiny 2, this best keyboard for Fortnite is fast enough to keep you with the intensity and action.


It May is not a Perfect Option for Everyone: Whether you want a keyboard with the glossy or aesthetic look, Corsair K55 is not worth the cost and effort. Take other brands into the cart for fun use.

The RGB Light Source is not Centered on Each Key: When you dream of using a keyboard that has RGB light that centers on every key, the K55 will be a disappointment on your part.

 #4: DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard

Another best keyboard for Fortnite enthusiasts is DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard. This is great for gaming especially when you’re on a budget. It’s unique compared to Logitech G810.

But it offers exceptional performance at a competitive rate. It comes with three colors to pick. You can use it for keys backlighting. It is customizable that can reach all your needs expectations.

With DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard, it’s not essential to use software or other drivers. Tested and user-friendly, it comes with a USB braided cable.

Its build quality is cheaper than superior brands. Its keys are reasonably louder.  Although it is not a 100% mechanical keyboard, it is awesome for an option under $50. Its form factor is well-made, and it’s very compact. Plus, there’s no wasted space.


DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard is a super-cool gaming keyboard you can get these days. Since availability, it has been known with aesthetic appearance design optimal user experience.

It is a perfect partner for work or even gaming competitions. Packed with three adjustable LED backlights, it’s stress-free to utilize. All you have to do is to press the Backlight key to turn the light on or off. That’s it. You can say bye to a complicated process.


Commonly known as a 104-key gaming keyboard, this brand consists of 19 non-conflict keys, strengthened space key, and removable keycaps. These are specially tailored keys for tactile feedback and enhanced durability.

While it provides optimal functionality, it offers every user a professional gaming feeling. Every time you play Fortnite, you’d get the most out of your time and have fun.

How are you going to use an aesthetic keyboard with complex features? It’s going to be a headache. DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard, on the other hand, is different.

Its design is not only user-friendly, but it is also ergonomic. This makes it very comfortable to use. Quick and convenient control can be achieved with the use of multimedia shortcut key operations.

Just like the other best keyboard for Fortnite, DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard is simple to operate. Thanks to its USB braided plug-and-play cable. There’s no driver needed as well.

It also comes with non-slip design and laser-carved characters. It is durable and splashes proof that can withstand the test of time. It has three colors LED backlit.

Whatever you are working or playing the game, you can adjust the backlit and breathing mode with the peace of mind. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, OS, Mac, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 to name a few.


There’s No Color Cycle Function. Still, DBPOWER Backlit LED Keyboard is worth the investment. While playing Fortnite, you can always have fun.

It has Limited Lighting Choices. But this is not a big dilemma. It’s tested for an optimal performance that you’d love from start to finish.

#5: K552-N KUMARA

There are many brands of keyboards in the market today. You can buy cheap and expensive options. How do you know your choice will satisfy your expectations?

The K552-N KUMARA is specially tailored to keep the needs of novice gamers and professional ones. For editors, writers or even coders, this is the brand to get with massive savings at the end of the day.


K552-N KUMARA is cheap and reliable. Not only is it made with reasonable price, but it is also built like a tank and developed for a variety of gamers. The key feel is paramount. Whether you type, code or play your favorite Fortnite game, it is worthy of taking along.

But wait, there’s more! K552-N KUMARA has a heavy based and construction. While it brings your experience up to the maximum, it can withstand bumps and bruises throughout use. It also has a slash roof design.

When you accidentally spill coffee or water on the keyboard, you can have the peace of mind. Just pluck out the keys, clean the base correctly, and reset it back. That’s it. You can enjoy playing Fortnite without hassles.


K552-N KUMARA offers 87 double-shot injection molded keys, making the size compact. It provides conflict-free keys with a high polling rate and 100% anti-ghosting feature. With the use of custom mechanical keys, this brand gives superior gaming abilities and maximum responsiveness.

While the mechanical keys are not branded switches like Cherry MX, the feel and build are similar to it without a doubt. Whether you type or code a lot, you will find the noise and response satisfying. You can never miss a single key with this brand.

K552-N KUMARA is not as fancy as other keyboards. Its base is made from metal and covered with high-quality plastic. There are mechanical triggers that seem like they use Greentech molds on top of the base.

In simpler words, the design of this keyboard is simplistic and unassuming. It does not have glossy looks. It is very simple that you can boast.

K552-N KUMURA also has a special and unique place in the market. Thanks to its build and overall engineering. It is tailored to withstand severe abuse to guarantee optimal customer satisfaction.

Along with ABS construction, it comes with heavy duty metal, boosting its longevity. Its keycaps are double-shit injection molded, too.

K552-N KUMARA is of high quality despite its affordable price. Although it is available at a competitive rate, it has awesome functionalities and outstanding performance that go beyond expectations.

Its sound level is definitely what many Fortnite avid users look for. Whenever you type or code, you can minimize the noise. It also has a base of metal that contributes to quiet and comfy use.


It Only Comes with 87 Keys: It’s no wonder because of its portable nature. So, don’t be surprised when your order arrives. It misses out on the rest NUMPAD section. This is probably a big problem for players who use the NUMPAD for in-game controls and combos to name a few.

It Can be as Heavy as a Brick: But it is highly durable, making it a worth it brand for you.

There are no Macro Keys: Whether you engage in Fortnite or other adventures online, K552 KUMARA does not have macro keys. Add other options to cart to have a meaningful and excellent investment.

Multimedia Keys are not Accessible: This only happens when you don’t use the function keys with the FN key.

Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

Keyboards for Fortnite are common and prevalently known. In recent years, they have been gaining popularity because of how they help every Fortnite enthusiast.

However, other users lack knowledge about different types of keyboards. For those who recently fell in love with Fortnite and have plans to purchase a keyboard, knowing the kinds of gaming keyboards is a good start.

Take a close look at the following:

Membrane Keyboard

The first type of keyboard for Fortnite and other online games is the membrane one. Having simple technology, beginners would love it up to the highest level of satisfaction. Under each key, it has rubber membrane, closing the contact on the typing plate.

A membrane keyboard is easy to make, that’s why it is highly accessible on the market. It is also available at a fair and reasonable price. This is perfect for those who don’t have enough budget. It can withstand liquids and dirt better. Thanks to the solid pieces of keys.

However, every key press is registered automatically. This can be a big problem especially when you’re in the middle of a Fortnite game. It’s either you win or lose.

Mechanical Keyboard

The most attractive option for an online gamer is the mechanical keyboard. Its technology has been considered the oldest one because it is related to IBM systems. It is of high reliability and very hard to manufacture. It has four types of mechanisms, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Serving many gamers for decades, a mechanical keyboard is highly rated for responsiveness. It is comfortable and used by professional gamers. Whether you play a simple or complex Fortnite game, this has got you covered.

However, the mechanical switches sound more than regular options on the market. Each key-press gives a hearable and inconvenient click sound. But it still on the brand of your choice. Select the one that has positive customer reviews to avoid serious problems.

Scissor Keyboard

Another type of keyboard is scissors. Mainly used in laptops, it transforms every gaming experience into fun and satisfaction. Unlike membrane and mechanical keyboards, it has deep embedment of keys. It is also available at a competitive rate, aesthetic design, and functional performance.

Different Gaming Keyboards Connection

Since you’re already aware of the types of keyboards, it’s about time to understand the range of keyboard connection.


Most keyboards on the market today are wired. Although many gamers encounter trouble using wired keyboards, they don’t require regular monitoring of the battery charge. Therefore, you won’t be in an awkward position during an online battle.

Wired keyboards can take in two forms such as USB and PS/2. USB is the classic type of slot. But it has a few drawbacks. Every time the USB bus is overloaded with other connections, delays in hits can be a headache. Not only that, simultaneous hits are restricted, affecting your whole performance.

PS/2, on the other hand, is a better kind of connection. Unfortunately, it has become outdated, making it hard to find. As a player, you can achieve high response with unlimited simultaneous hits. Also, the signal is transmitted thru hardware interrupts that result in a hassle-free gaming experience. While you can expect an instant reaction from the system, you can also avoid delays.


Wireless keyboard connection gives you the freedom of movement. You can say bye to the problems every time you sit on the couch. However, you need to recharge it. Don’t forget to charge your keyboard for non-stop enjoyment.

Material of Keys

This aspect is often overlooked by new Fortnite players. Whether your existing keyboard is so poor or inefficient, you probably know the reason. So, when picking a keyboard, choose the one that has a quality design and material. An unreliable option will wear out after months of use. The ugly shine will appear while the label will rub off.

For you to choose the right design and material, understanding the types of plastic will be of great help. Here are a few of them:

ABS-Plastic. Called as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS-plastic does not rub off. It has great temperature resistance and strength that can last for years. Most importantly, it does not have unpleasant gloss.

Today, most brands come with ABS-plastic. But it is quite costly. Good news! Its level of quality is superb. The keys won’t get worn out after some time, saving you hundreds of dollars. Whether you want long-lasting or effective material, this is good to go.

PBT-Plastic. Also known as polybutylene terephthalate, PBT-plastic is another material used in keys. Unlike the ABS-plastic, it is light-weight and cheap.

All the characters won’t fade after months of use. Plus, it remains glossy despite the test of time. However, don’t expose it to extreme heat as it is more likely to melt. Commonly it is used in average or cut-rate models.

What to Look for When Finding the Right Gaming Keyboards?

With the popularity of Fortnite, there’s a variety of gaming keyboards to use. But the awesome number of brands can be overwhelming to handle.

You might end up forgetting a clear picture on what to do. Plus, you might come up with a wrong decision. Worry no more! Here are the fundamental aspects to consider when picking the perfect gaming keyboards:

Brand Reputation

Although there are several brands to take into account, direct your attention to those with a trusted reputation. Choose the one that has the expertise and years of service. With that thought in mind, you can narrow your options and make the right decision.

Also, make sure that the technology provider receives positive customer reviews since inception. A leading company by most consumers indicates that they stand behind their quality services.


Optimal comfort plays a crucial role in achieving a productive yet fun gaming experience. That’s why even the most marketed brand made of high-end materials won’t provide great moments if it’s inconvenient.

Keyboards for Fortnite come with certain perks and features. This includes wrist stand that will save your wrist from freezing after hours of fun and intense gameplay.


Today, a few manufacturers tailor designs according to users’ gaming needs. On the contrary, most options are available in a classic style without compromising their convenience. Experts suggest Fortnite users avoid various options such as multimedia buttons and wheels.

Not only do they spoil the appearance of your choice, but it also increases the price.

For single players, a minimalistic keyboard can be ideal. For professionals, they switch to keypads. They do not prefer a simple gaming solution to maximize successful opportunities.

Additional Keys & Scrolls

You’re not used to utilizing extra features. You probably don’t know trackers and various screens. So, why would you overpay hundreds of dollars for unnecessary options? Only pay for what you need. Purchase additional accessories when a game requires it.

Keyboard Illumination

Most gaming keyboards are packed with bright backlighting. The colors are around 16 million, so you can avoid the trouble choosing the right one.

For certain models, dynamic illumination is also available. The more tuned the illumination is, the higher the costs. It is always best to purchase a simpler model to save some cash. 

Special Software

Never ignore the software when picking a keyboard for Fortnite games. While the price does not inflate, the drivers can facilitate your everyday experience.

Not only do they allow you to reprogram the keys, but they also save other configuration profiles. So, always opt for special and quality software for better and faster result.

Key Rollover

Key rollover is the measure of the number of keystrokes that your chosen gaming keyboard registers. Most keyboards offer one or two.

In case you press more keys at once, it may register the keystrokes or not. A high-quality keyboard ensures more than six key rollovers. This is ideal for simultaneous keypresses for many players out there.

Build Quality

Playing Fortnite and other gaming options involve hard pressing. A responsive and user-friendly keyboard is imperative. Every time you hit the keys, you don’t want something that sticks in the button or breaks to pieces.

Keyboards are specially catered for different gamers. They are tested to withstand occasional rages, button smashing, and other serious issues.

The high-quality keyboard is packed with metal backplates, avoiding the risk of bending or breaking. They come with sturdy metal or plastic housing around the components.

While it supports the circuitry, it also protects the switches. Not only is the plastic water resistant, but it is also developed to last a decade or more.

Do you believe that you get what you pay for? This is true especially when you take advantage of the cheapest options. Well, it can be money-saving at first.

But it can be a burden after some time. Inefficient performance leads to a disappointing Fortnite experience. It also results in bigger savings than you have ever thought. As an avid Fortnite user, be willing to spend more.

So, what are you waiting for such excellent keyboards for you? Whether you choose the mechanical or membrane keyboard, fun and memorable journey is what to expect ahead. Take action today and follow this buying guide to have a worth it and lasting investment.

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