Best Gaming Laptop for Fortnite in 2019 (A MUST READ)

Best Gaming Laptop for Fortnite in 2019

Every player who plays Fortnite Battle Royale is thrilled to play the game using the best gaming laptop. Fortnite Battle Royale is an entertaining and enjoyable game that every player dreams to win. Here, you compete with other players who also aim to win the game. If you survive the ultimate stand, you win the game!

So, do you want the best gaming laptop to play Fortnite Battle Royale?  Do want a laptop that has high-quality features and specs? Don’t worry because we give you a list of the best gaming laptops of 2018.

But, before we proceed to the best laptops, you should first know the things you need to know if you like to buy the best gaming laptop.

It helps if you know these important things for you to have a superb gaming experience. The following are important things you should take note before you buy a gaming laptop.

In-Depth Laptop Reviews

#1: Acer Predator 300

It’s no doubt that the Acer Predator is the best gaming laptop you might want to buy. With its sleek and slim design, you would marvel at its beauty.

The red and black color of this gaming laptop adds to its quality and design. It has an awesome processor that’s combined with the most advanced RAM and GPU.  If it’s your hobby to play FPS games, you’re sure the Acer Predator fits your style.

Here are its amazing features that would surprise you when you use this gaming laptop:

Excellent Processor

Expect no lags or glitches in the games you’re playing with the powerful processor of Acer Predator. It has a core of i7 7700 HQ that offers you a smooth gaming function. So, if you like to play FPS and other games, the Acer Predator is the best laptop for you.

Amazing Color Display

Enjoy a great playing time with your friends and enemies with the color display of this laptop.  The full HD display is perfect for you to enjoy games due to the excellent colors that you would see.  Also, the backlit keyboard gives this laptop a unique touch you would be impressed to see.

High-Quality Video Graphics

Get your gaming experience to the edge due to the video graphics of the Acer Predator. With a new graphics card that has NVIDIA GTX 1060 and 6GB GDDRS RAM, you would enjoy every moment of the game as you play it.

High and Quality  Memory

Do you want to record the game you’re playing and show it to your friends? You can do it through the high memory of the Acer Predator that’s up to 16 GB RAM.  Players would expect an awesome gaming experience that has no delays or hassles when they use the Acer Predator.

Reliable Hard Disk for Every  Gamer

Gamers want a hard disk that loads a game instantly. Well, the wait is over as the Acer Predator gives you a hard disk that has 256GB SSD. You can play any game you like easily because the game loads fast all the time.


  • You can achieve fast and excellent gameplay with Acer Predator’s powerful processor.
  • Players have excellent playing experience with the laptop’s graphics
  • You enjoy your FPS gaming without hassles or glitches with the laptop’s large memory.
  • The Acer Predator gaming laptop is perfect for newbie and pro gamers.
  • It has a backlit keyboard that gives it a unique style.
  • Acer Predator’s Hard Drive SSD gives you a swift gaming laptop function.


  • The Acer Predator has no cons.

With Acer Predator’s fast processor, you would enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale with your family and friends. The powerful processor enables you to enjoy other games on the laptop as well.  The graphics card and large memory give you a boost to enjoy your favorite games.

Also, you would love the budget-friendly price of the Acer Predator. Even if you’re in a tight budget, you can still afford the Acer Predator due to its reasonable price.

So, you can give the Acer Predator a try now, and you are going to be satisfied with the result.  Come and check out the Acer Predator today!

#2: Dell i7577 Plus

Do you want a budget-friendly gaming laptop? Then, you would be happy to have Dell i7577! This gaming laptop’s metallic and smooth design is perfect for gamers who want to have an edge on their games.

You would also be happy with the amazing graphics and the reliable process it has. Also, the large graphics cards and strong memory are excellent for you to achieve an enjoyable gaming experience.

Don’t forget! Gamers wouldn’t experience any game glitches in using the Dell i7577 gaming laptop. Here are the excellent features Dell i7577 has for you!

Amazing Graphics Cards

Do you want to enjoy the full game details? That wouldn’t be a problem because Dell i7577 has graphics cards that offer you excellent FPS rate while you play games. It has NVIDIA 1060 GPU and has 6GB VRAM that lets you enjoy your game in full blast.

Impressive CPU

Are you ready to play your games with the edge?  The strong CPU of Dell i7577 offers you a smooth and a fast gameplay. The Dell i7577 gaming laptop has an i5 7TH Generation processor that lets you enjoy the game you’re playing. So you can expect every game you have to be terrific.

Large RAM

Get ready because you have a chance to perform different tasks using the Dell i7577 gaming laptop. The Dell i7577 laptop has an 8 GB RAM that gives you a chance to win every game you play.

Amazing Graphics Display

With the 15.6” HD display, the Dell i757 offers gamers the best gaming experience of their lives.   The Anti-Glare feature gives you a comfortable way of enjoying your game.

The 1920×1080 display lets you enjoy every game you play. Also, you would be amazed to use the backlit keyboard that makes your gaming experience unique. You can enjoy playing Fortnite Battle Royale with your friends and even your enemies.

Big HDD and SSD

Do you face a hard time to load your game? Don’t worry! With Dell i7577’s big HDD and SDD, you can load your games fast. The Dell i7577 has a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD. You wouldn’t face any trouble when you store large video and game files due to the large HDD.


  • Gamers can have an enjoyable gaming  experience with the powerful processor of the Dell i7577 gaming laptop
  • Newbie and pro gamers find the Dell i7577 an excellent gaming laptop due to its specs and advanced features.
  • You can achieve smooth playing function with the RAM and GPU of the Dell i7577 gaming laptop.
  • The Dell i7577 has a color display that lets you enjoy your gaming experience.
  • The backlit keyboard compliments the overall design of the laptop so you would enjoy playing games with your friends.
  • The large HDD gives you a big chance to enjoy Frontline Battle Royale.


  • The Dell i7577 gaming laptop is quite heavy so you would feel a little uncomfortable when you have to carry it for a long time.

If you like advanced gaming laptop features, you can have it using the Dell i7577. It has an excellent and quality graphics card that offers you quality gaming experience. You wouldn’t go wrong with the reasonable price it offers you.

The Dell i7577 is one gaming laptop that you can’t miss to buy. With its terrific features, you would have fun playing games with friends and family. You would be surprised at the Dell i7577 gives you gaming satisfaction you deserve to have.

#3: MSI GS65 Gaming Laptop

If you have a big budget, you wouldn’t mind buying the MSI GS65 due to its advanced design and features.  Yes, few gamers would like to buy a budget-friendly laptop, but you would forget about it once you have the MSI GS65.

Why? It has a powerful processor and a big RAM that lets you have an enjoyable gaming experience.  The graphics card together with the CPU offers each gamer to enjoy playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

Gamers would also like its portability that gives them easy and comfortable use.  The sleek and slim design gives you a perfect gaming experience you would enjoy at all times. So, are you excited to know the features of MSI GS65?

Here are the amazing features that would make you want to buy it:

Advanced Processor

Most gamers want the best processors when they’re buying a gaming laptop due to the efficient gameplay it gives them. Well, you’re happy if you have MSI GS65 due to the i7 8750 H processor it has that allows all players to play games they like easily.

Also, you don’t need to worry about its availability because the processor is easy to find in the market today. So, if you’re looking for an excellent gaming laptop, the MSI GS65 is one great gaming laptop that you can choose.

Super Thin Display

Are you ready to enjoy a Fortnite Battle Royale Battle as you desire?  Well, don’t worry because you have that with the MSI GS65!

The super thin feature of the laptop lets you see an excellent detail of the game as you play it.  The HD feature also allows you to enjoy every game with your friends so get thrilled with the laptops impressive display.

Versatile and Reliable Graphics Card

Be prepared to enjoy the best gaming experience any player wishes to have with the MSI GS65. This gaming laptop has an excellent graphics card that you can use all the time.

The strong 6GB VRAM allows playing FPS games that range from 60 up to 120.  You would enjoy each gameplay with the graphics cards MSI GS65 has.

Excellent SDD Player Are Happy to Have

You would be surprised to know the MSI GS65 has a super SDD enables you to fast an efficient style of playing games.  The 256GB SSD is great if you want to enjoy your FPS games to the fullest.  The SSD is faster than the regular HDD most laptops are using. So, you can expect an effective game load most of the time.

Huge RAM for Every FPS Players

It’s terrific for a player if he or she can play a game and do other tasks at the same time.  You can do that if your a gaming laptop has a large RAM.

The 16GB RAM is excellent and reliable for all your gaming needs. Thus, if you’re ready for a big Fortnite Battle Royale, you buy the MSI GS65 today and experience superb gaming experience.


  • The super lightweight feature of the MSI GS6 gaming laptop makes it portable that would meet any gamer’s needs.
  • The MSI GS65 has an excellent slim and sleek design that makes the laptop easy to use anytime. Gamers love the convenience it gives them when they play an FPS game and other games.
  • The excellent display makes capture the superb detail of the game you’re playing.
  • Gamers love the super-fast processor that makes it easy for gamers to play any game they like.
  • The gaming laptop also offers an excellent keyboard for gamers to achieve an excellent gaming experience.


  • If you have a small budget, it’s hard for you to buy the MSI GS65 gaming laptop.
  • The SSD space of this laptop is quite low so gamers wouldn’t enjoy much of wouldn’t enjoy much when they’re playing games.

Yes, the MSI GS65 has a high price but taking a look at its features would make your money worth it. You love its keyboard, graphics card, and thin display.

These features give you a chance to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. You can engage in a high level of fun time that you wouldn’t expect you would have using the MSI GS65.

That’s not all because there’s a lot more you can expect from the MSI GS65.  Due to its excellent specs and features, you would experience a smooth gameplay in each game you play. You enjoy every detail of a game as you compete with other players for the ultimate win.


Do like to have one of the slimmest laptops in the market? The GIGABYTE Aero is the gaming laptop you would want to buy. With its advanced features, you would love to play FPS games using this laptop.

You would need extra cash, but it’s worth once you use the GIGABYTE Aero. You can expect to see an attractive design that you would love.

Also, the GIGABYTE Aero is very light as it only weighs 4.62 pounds despite the large features it has.  You would find these features impressive so you wouldn’t have worries to achieve the excellent gaming experience you want to have.  Take note: the GIGABYTE Aero doesn’t let you feel any hassle or issues if you’re going to play any other games.

Are you ready to see the GIGABYTE Aero’s excellent features? Let’s show you the best features that make GIGABYTE Aero one of the excellent laptops of 2018.

Powerful Graphic Card

Enjoy your gaming experience to the next level as GIGABYTE Aero offers you a graphics card that let you play the game easily.

The GIGABYTE Aero has an NVIDIA 1070 that has an 8 GB VRAM. You wouldn’t face any lags or game issues. Also, the GPU is assured to give you a smooth gaming experience that allows you to enjoy each game you play.

Great Thin Display

It’s amazing if you have the full detail of the games you’re playing. Well, the GIGABYTE Aero has a full HD resolution that lets you enjoy the graphics of the game.

The 15.6” gaming laptop doesn’t disappoint you by giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite games.  You wouldn’t only enjoy the graphics of the game but also love to play it all the times.

Fast Core Processor

New and pro gamers would love the 7th Generation i7 Core that gives you a fast gaming experience you would love. Through the fast processor, you wouldn’t have any issues in playing any games you like.

You will have an excellent result if you want to play games smoothly. GIGABYTE Aero gives you the satisfaction you wish to have in a Fortnite Battle Royale game with your friends.

Large SDD and a Long Battery Life

Gamers want a fast and perfect loading time in the games they play. Don’t worry because the GIGABYTE Aero has a large SSD that cover 512GB.

You not only enjoy a fast game loading time but a chance to play the game comfortably. Players have the edge in playing every game due to the fast game function in the laptop. Also, the battery’s long life allows you to enjoy playing games without facing any hassles or issues.

Large RAM

You would enjoy playing games due to the large RAM of the GIGABYTE Aero that has 16GB DDR4 RAM. You would love to play games without experiencing any glitches. Players can also manage tasks while they’re playing the game. So get ready to experience an awesome gaming experience you would enjoy!


  • The GIGABYTE Aero is super lightweight that makes it comfortable to use by any gamer. You can bring the gaming laptop anywhere, and you enjoy playing your favorite game.
  • Gamers who want the slimmest gaming laptop would enjoy using the GIGABYTE Aero due to its sleek design.
  • Gamers enjoy every games HD graphics with the super thin display of the GIGABYTE Aero. You would appreciate each detail of the game if you’re playing with this laptop.
  • It has an excellent and fast processor that lets you play games fast. Players enjoy the fast gaming experience while they use the GIGABYTE Aero.
  • You can play games all day using the long battery life of this laptop. Players wouldn’t expect any glitches during the games they like to play,
  • The GIGABYTE Aero allows gamers to have a thrilling gaming experience with its high SSD feature. You can play games smoothly without any interruptions.


  • You need to have a big budget to buy the GIGABYTE Aero.

Do you still have doubts if you need to buy the GIGABYTE Aero or not? This gaming laptop has advanced features that let you enjoy every game. These features make your gaming experience superb. You can compete with other players and have fun while you use the GIGABYTE Aero.

If you have large cash, you go for the GIGABYTE Aero, and you would be amazed at great features it has for you. Players wouldn’t only have a great time but also enjoy playing games with your family.

#5: Lenovo Legion Y520

Here comes another gaming laptop that’s rich in specs and features – the Lenovo Legion Y520. With the sleek and attractive design, you would enjoy the Fortnite

Battle Royale gaming experience. Its advanced features are enough reasons for you to buy it despite its large price. Each feature is tailored to fit your gaming needs and give you excellent results.

Despite its large price range, the specs and features of Lenovo Legion Y520 make this gaming laptop a worthy purchase. Every gamer would have an excellent gaming experience he or she would love to have used the Lenovo Legion Y520. Here are its incredible features that make it an amazing laptop for you.

Ultra-Fast Processor

With the fast processor of the Lenovo Legion, you wouldn’t worry about lags or glitches that would affect your gaming experience.

The Core i7 processor of Lenovo Legion Y520 guarantees you would enjoy every game you would play. If you play Fortnite Battle Royale, you expect to have a terrific gaming experience. You would treasure each game you would play.

Backlit Keyboard

Do you like to play games with the lights off? You can do it by using the Lenovo Legion.  The backlit keyboard of this laptop adds to your thrill make your gaming experience more exciting. Thus, you play Fortnite Battle Royale with your friends and experience the comfort a backlit keyboard offers you.

Interesting and Captivating Display

Gamers would love and enjoy the graphics of the game you’re playing using Lenovo Legion. The full HD resolution is excellent as it allows you to appreciate the colors and graphics of the game.

As a gamer, you would be thrilled to play any game you like using Fortnite Battle Royale. You might even influence your friends to play the game with you, and you would enjoy the result.

Excellent Graphics Card that Fits Your Preference 

With the 6GB VRAM, you would enjoy each detail of the game you’re playing. The powerful GPU of Lenovo Legion Y520 gives you a chance to enjoy the graphics of every game.

For gamers, the GPU also gives the player an opportunity to appreciate the colorful graphics of the game. Players who enjoy the graphics would be more excited to play other excellent games in the future.

Efficient HDD

Now, gamers wouldn’t have any problem to store large video files and gaming setups successfully due to the HDD feature of Lenovo Legion.

The HDD of Lenovo is average compared to the built SDD you can see in most gaming laptops, but you would enjoy the gaming result it offers you. The HDD also helps you to take your playing to the next level.

Excellent RAM

Be ready to record every gameplay you like by using the Lenovo Legion. The gaming laptop’s 8GB RAM offers you the advantage to record a game while you’re playing.

Players would have fun and enjoy each game they play using a large RAM. Also, you wouldn’t face any glitches in the game if you have a large RAM. The Lenovo Legion Y520 offers you a large RAM you would be worthy to use in every game you play.


  • Players who want a budget-friendly laptop would love the Lenovo Legion Y520 due to its reasonable price. You can still buy this laptop even if you have a small budget.
  • Gamers would enjoy fast gaming experience due to the fast RAM feature of the Lenovo Legion Y520. You won’t experience any hassles if you’re playing Fortnite Battle Royale using the superfast RAM of this laptop.
  • Players can carry the laptop because of its lightweight features. Players are comfortable playing Fortnite Battle Royale due to the Lenovo Legion’s lightweight.
  • The powerful GPU lets you enjoy the graphic details of the game. You would have fun and achieve satisfaction by using the graphics card of the game.
  • Players are delighted to use the fast processor of the Lenovo Legion that enables gamers to have a fast and effective game loading.


  • Players can expect the HDD of the Lenovo Legion to be a bit slow.

The Lenovo Legion’s amazing features makes your gaming experience excellent. The design of the laptop makes it portable and easy to use for most gamers. The fast RAM doesn’t give you a reason to experience lags in playing the games.

Gamers would also enjoy the excellent GPU that lets them appreciate the graphics of the game. Don’t forget that you have a fast processor that lets you play the game smoothly. You can also feel comfortable to play each game you like using the GIGABYTE Aero.

So, have you decided which laptop on this list you’re going to buy? These gaming laptops would make your gaming experience complete due to the laptop’s features.

Come now and pick your favorite gaming laptop! Let your next Fortnite Battle Royale game become more exciting by using these gaming laptops.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Get High-Speed Gaming Experience Using GPU (Graphic Card)

Do you want to boost or level up the game you’re playing? Then, your laptop should have a good graphics card or GPU to give you the player’s edge.  Since there are many graphics cards in the market, you need to buy a GPU that’s less than Nvidia GTX 1060 that has a 6 GB VRAM.

Smooth Game Playing with a CPU

You already know how important a CPU is for every laptop.  When it comes to gaming laptops, you can expect a smooth gaming experience. It’s best you select a laptop that has a Core i7 CPU that’s part of the 7th Generation type. Rest assured that you would play games with no hassles.

Enjoy a Fast Gaming Function by Selecting the Right RAM

Do you often get annoyed because of your game loads slowly? Then, you have to replace the laptop and select the perfect RAM for your gaming needs.

With the right RAM, you can boost your gaming experience and by speeding up your game. There’s no reason for you to experience those annoying glitches. Choose a gaming laptop that has 8 GB and 16GB DDR4 RAM type.

Treasure Every Gaming Moment with the High-Resolution Laptop Display

Don’t worry too much if you’re laptop monitor is not big enough. You need to focus on the resolution of the laptop has. With a high-resolution screen, you would always enjoy playing Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s the best advice if you select a laptop that has a full HD resolution for you to have an awesome gaming experience.

Take Note of Hard Disk Type for You to Achieve Efficient Gaming

The hard disk type plays a big role in your gaming laptop as it gives the best gaming experience.  But if you have an HDD, your game would be a little slow as HDD is at low speed. So, you need to select an HDD that has 256 GB SSD so that you wouldn’t face any gaming issues in the future.

Buy a Gaming Laptop According to Your Budget

Before you select the best gaming laptop, don’t forget to take a look at your budget. For starters, you need to have a budget that amounts from $800 to $2000.  If you want advanced features, then you need to have a large budget for the gaming laptop you wish to buy.

Now, get ready to take a look at best gaming laptops for Fortnite. Here are the top gaming laptops that are loaded with features and meet your gaming needs.

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